Sunday, 7 August 2011

Keshling's Charity Swap parcel arrives...

I've just had a nice bath. Always a 'nice' bath isn't it? And a 'nice' cup of tea. I missed having a bath last week - I'm old fashioned like that.

There was a neat pile of mail waiting when I got home today, but I pushed that to one side. I wanted to look at my parcel from Keshling full of charity swap goodies (organised by Lakota).

 I tore off the tape and opened the box:

It's white crispies mummy!

I open the gift bag...
True. I'm old fashioned like that

First thing I spy is this (and I WILL be thinking of you when I enjoy a brew):
No mouth, no nose - but a cracking hairdo and  gorgeous frock detract from this minor omission by the artist

Now, let's tear open the wrapped items...

Isn't it a beauty?


Clever Babcia

And there's more...

You kill me. No, you REALLY do


LOVE these

*Insert hat joke of your choice* I actually have this very hat in silver - what a coincidence

Next to be unwrapped - something I've wanted for ages

An apron! I can 'look' busy now. Check out the tan lines too - drinking in the sun is not big OR clever kids.

A little window display with my new teacup, tea cosy and very apt phrase on the card. Couldn't find a frame for the card - but I think it looks great in the vase?  Doesn't the cup coordinate well with my favourite teapot? 

I thoroughly enjoyed the swap - I don't get many presents. I'm not the kinda girl who gets flowers, chocolates and Valentine's cards. I did moan to OH that nobody has ever won me a teddy, so he got busy on the 'grab' machine. I cannot stand soft toys, but did find the strength to smile when a proud OH thrust this beauty into my hand, with the accompanying line "don't say I never give you anything"

Who said romance is dead?

Thanks Keshling, you've been a brilliant swap buddy, it's not like I give much away with regard to my tastes in second-hand goods, but you did me proud.

Thanks to Lakota for organising this, it was no mean feat.  I look forward to the Christmas  swap!?


  1. Yay for the swap goodies, what a fabulou parcel, and great modelling by you (i adore that apron!). You also really suit hats, i love that type of hat but that type of hate doesnt love me :o(.
    And romance certainly isnt dead with that little critter now in your arms ;o)

    Scarlett x

  2. Isn't that...zippy??!!! (I think that was his name...drippy Rainbow critter). I like all of your prezzies and am also REALLY looking forward to chrimbo-swop!

  3. It's George from Rainbow. How I despised George with his pathetic, weak, whining. I wanted Zippy - Bungle wasn't available. What an odd set up on that show, all of them in bed together. Something sinister about the whole affair, Bungle being the worst offender.

  4. Aah she did good! Love the pretty earrings and the apron, it rather suits you. Am jealous of your ability to tan also!

  5. Great parcel, the items are all lovely and that apron is awesome! More modelling please, gorgeous lady!

  6. Wow that must have been like Christmas, loads of goodies to open x

  7. What pretties! I love that cup and that pinny is a delight. Great to see you & your tan lines, too. x

  8. Oh bother, I've just lost my previous comment in which I mentioned that me and my friends liked to pretend we were characters from Rainbow. My bessie was Zippy and my partner was Bungle and I was the presenter bloke (can't remember his name). Can't remember which poor unfortunate was George

    Anyway, enough of that nonsense. Loved your swap goodies - esp the apron.

  9. I remember watching Rainbow a lot in the 80s, Zippy always made me laugh. George was asking for a kicking if you ask me. I did see a programme on Nick Jr or something recently and watched it with my son. We were both mildly freaked out! Me at being transported back in time, not always a pleasant and 'nostalgic' experience, and my son at the slightly grainy picture and the weird visuals in general.

    It's always great to receive parcels like that! I got a parcel from Mrs GL when we we first got together that included some (broken) Roman pottery she had dug up on a dig in Spain. Probably illegal, but it made my day.


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