Thursday, 26 July 2012

This Summer

Hooray! Some sunshine; cloudless skies and fully dressed washing lines. Small pleasures.

I have missed writing nonsense on here. There have been thoughts, tales and so many unanswered questions but also, a sense that I  need to make a few changes. Not sure what I want to write about any more. I just want to write.

I have missed commenting regularly too, I will resume as soon as possible.

There have been numerous encounters with interesting people, especially since I've been using public transport more often.
Charity shopping has been avoided in favour of de-cluttering.
I did buy some curtains from a charity shop last week, though. The shop manageress was measuring the curtains (which had just arrived) when I walked into the shop. "These will sell as soon as we put them out" she said.

 Quite right, I bought them there and then.

Unfortunately, I ended up being party to a conversation which is one of my least favourite topics - home décor.

Gesturing, as if to give an accurate representation of dimensions, she offered a detailed description of  he living-room furnishings

 ('yuh' = 'here').

"I got my wall art yuh" 
"then I got my silver buddha 'ead yuh"
"I got my coffee table yuh, and I got my plasma on tha' wall, then my 'uge mirror on tha' wall. I got teal and terracotta theme I have, and I got all cushions what match, but don't match like, if you know what I mean?"

They coordinate? I said.

"yeah! That's the word. I like stuff to match, but I don't like identical stuff. I love my living room, I even keep the table all laid tidy, like they do on TV when they do a makeover. We eat our food on our lap though, nuts, we are!"

Picnics, parks, streams, scooters, bikes, half-eaten ice-lollies, sunscreen peppered with grit, water pistols, hard skin on my feet, deodorant twice daily, gawping at creosote tans, a red and freckled nose, sweaty grizzly babies, the echoing noises unique to warm open-windowed evenings...all say it's PROPER summertime. Albeit for one week only.

I'll catch up with you all soon - I've missed you (really!)

Friday, 6 July 2012


Life-changing events are often punctuated with bizarre, moving and downright banal encounters and observations.

There was the accidental discovery of this video (an attempt to distract the boys) during an emotionally charged exchange with Rob.

A guy with a personality disorder latched on to me, I was already late for the school run. He'd emptied a large bag of peanuts for some crazed pigeons to feast on, and my niece, captivated, approved. I was loathe to deny her the chance to witness such an entertaining spectacle (she's only 1) and also loathe to engage with the chap (but he had other ideas). 

A mother at the school telling me she'd had a "horrendous day" because she had passed loose stools. I listened and made all the right sympathetic noises, while all the time thinking that my day had been possibly more challenging than hers, for reasons I won't go into.

Watching the boys eat Fairtrade bananas (the headmaster is obsessed with the Eco-Schools concept) smothered in chocolate sauce, with obvious enthusiasm and delight, while swallowing the tears of sadness and pangs of guilt. Such innocence.

My birthday (Wednesday) was celebrated in two parts. Drinks at The Merlin; a pub around the corner. Mid-nineties decor; terracotta and Fluer de Lys; too many televisions; a man who should have gone home at lunchtime. I just wanted a quiet chat. Firmly but politely, I told the animated gent that although I found his anecdotes very entertaining, I'd appreciate some time to talk to my friends without distraction. "Some people got no fuckin' sense of humour" was his sharply observed reply.

Later on, at home, I enjoyed coffee and cake with a friend from childhood. We chatted to the very open, honest, warm, beautiful and funny Krista at midnight via Skype. Krista sent me a parcel full of delightful treats, handmade gifts and wonderful garments for my birthday. I cannot thank her enough.

I cannot thank my readers enough for their support. 

Thanks to Lakota for the beautiful Origami card and hand made earrings.

Thanks to Rob for being being such a loving father to our wonderful boys.