Friday, 6 July 2012


Life-changing events are often punctuated with bizarre, moving and downright banal encounters and observations.

There was the accidental discovery of this video (an attempt to distract the boys) during an emotionally charged exchange with Rob.

A guy with a personality disorder latched on to me, I was already late for the school run. He'd emptied a large bag of peanuts for some crazed pigeons to feast on, and my niece, captivated, approved. I was loathe to deny her the chance to witness such an entertaining spectacle (she's only 1) and also loathe to engage with the chap (but he had other ideas). 

A mother at the school telling me she'd had a "horrendous day" because she had passed loose stools. I listened and made all the right sympathetic noises, while all the time thinking that my day had been possibly more challenging than hers, for reasons I won't go into.

Watching the boys eat Fairtrade bananas (the headmaster is obsessed with the Eco-Schools concept) smothered in chocolate sauce, with obvious enthusiasm and delight, while swallowing the tears of sadness and pangs of guilt. Such innocence.

My birthday (Wednesday) was celebrated in two parts. Drinks at The Merlin; a pub around the corner. Mid-nineties decor; terracotta and Fluer de Lys; too many televisions; a man who should have gone home at lunchtime. I just wanted a quiet chat. Firmly but politely, I told the animated gent that although I found his anecdotes very entertaining, I'd appreciate some time to talk to my friends without distraction. "Some people got no fuckin' sense of humour" was his sharply observed reply.

Later on, at home, I enjoyed coffee and cake with a friend from childhood. We chatted to the very open, honest, warm, beautiful and funny Krista at midnight via Skype. Krista sent me a parcel full of delightful treats, handmade gifts and wonderful garments for my birthday. I cannot thank her enough.

I cannot thank my readers enough for their support. 

Thanks to Lakota for the beautiful Origami card and hand made earrings.

Thanks to Rob for being being such a loving father to our wonderful boys. 


  1. You were joking with that last post, yes? You must have been. Nobody could say that quite like that. Yes? Oh please, say yes.

    Happy Birthday. Oh heck, just before your birthday? Oh bloody Nora.

  2. No joke. I like black humour, but I'm not THAT cold (though many would disagree). Shall I dig myself out of a hole, or a deeper hole?

  3. Oh shit! I hate to see this for family. I hope you will be happier Luce, and that the boys will adjust as well. Your blogs seem so good for you and keep the depression at bay, I hope. Hope to keep reading about the bloody fools at the pub as you reflect. I have been there and got to the other side. Not so bad after some time. I wish you the best.

  4. Have written and deleted several comments. Just keep your head up and friends close x

  5. Happy Birthday, I hope you were able to forget the other stuff for a while. and I really hope that you find a way through everything soon xx

  6. Oh god there's never a good time for a bak up but right before your birthday is pretty bad. You still make me laugh with the comi-tragic tales of your everyday life, please don't think I'm trivilaising your unhappy times, I really really think you should write about them! Yay for supportive friends, even if they're in other countries XXXX

  7. Lucy! It was so spectacular to tease you with sunshine, see your smiling face and have a midnight chat! You know you are loved by all of us!

    Fireman Sam rules because I love anything having to do with metal and long hair :) I also attract freak weirdos at the worst times, what's up with that?

    Keep your head in the clouds, eyes on the stars and dream big!

  8. Bugger bugger, this week has been full of craziness and unexpected stuff so I haven't found space to call you. I will, I will. I do want you to know I've been thinking about you and hoping you are OK and wondering how the boys are. Birthdays, well, they come and they go, some years are better than others. You have your boys, you have your friends, you have your wonderful observational skills and your writing talent and your black wit and humour. You'll get through. And at least you don't have loose stools... Do you?
    Much love xxxxxxx

  9. Happy birthday and sorry for the late!!
    I hope you are doing well and it sounds great that you managed to spend your day with your friends (apart from the yelling man..)and talking to Krista!
    Hugs and kisses!

  10. I’m glad to see you haven’t lost your wry sense of humour and that you’ve found a solace of sorts in your blog. We’ll still be here.

  11. You're a superstar rockstar wonderwoman freak on a leash death metal diva birthday woman who always, ALWAYS makes me laugh and think about my day and appreciate the gentle, slimy absurdity of life. So sorry I missed your birthday. I am an arsehole. And I fucking adore you. Write more. Sarah xxx

  12. er ... um ... i don't suppose you could be persuaded to clamber up and stand next to merlin for a photo for hello magazine ...

    1. Think I'd obliterate the view of Merlin, and his trusty goat companion.
      I used to think Merlin was such a visual delight when I was a child. He wasn't painted back then. They cheapened him.

  13. It's very hard to think of something to say that hasn't already said, so I'll just add my voice to the many people who wish you all the best during this difficult time.

  14. Funniest person I know but don't know. You make life sound brilliant. You don't cut the hard edges out for your blog, but that makes it more beautiful.
    I wish you could come for tea and cakes at mine. I reckon you would slightly wince at some of the pink crockery, but we would definitely have lots to talk about. I recognise the place that you come from.
    Keep writing. Your 'voice' on here is unique and wonderful, with a bit of a bite to it, whilst pinging the heart strings. If teh universe were aligned fairly, you would be on the printed page. But I see this all for you. Sorry for sounding all Mystic Meg, I just think you have a future in writing or scriptwriting, I really do.
    I hope your challenges can be resolved. We are always here and you're not on your own.
    Ta for your comment on my blog. I know what you mean about minimising problems, I do that. Or did.

  15. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday despite the a**ehole in the pub. I hope that the start of your new year marks a change for the better, may you be happy, fulfilled and live each day like it's your last, your sense of frustration lately has been palpable and for such a fabulous, witty and talented woman you truly deserve better.
    Much love always. xxxxxxxxxx

  16. Amor, how could I have missed this post?
    I thought I commented.
    Happy Belated birthday , sounds like you had a okay time, apart from the woman with loose stools and weirdo peanuts man and pub idiot.
    You are a strong soul, you will get through this.

  17. Very Belated Happy Birthday - didn't see your last 2 posts somehow (shouldagonetospecsavers) and was assuming you might be lying low... here's to a happy year xx

    Crikey,you are amazing for being able to keep your head above water in a sea full of maniacs and upheaval!
    I take my hat off to you,darling.

  19. will you be blogging again before your next birthday, or ideally, within the next five minutes ?


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