Thursday, 26 July 2012

This Summer

Hooray! Some sunshine; cloudless skies and fully dressed washing lines. Small pleasures.

I have missed writing nonsense on here. There have been thoughts, tales and so many unanswered questions but also, a sense that I  need to make a few changes. Not sure what I want to write about any more. I just want to write.

I have missed commenting regularly too, I will resume as soon as possible.

There have been numerous encounters with interesting people, especially since I've been using public transport more often.
Charity shopping has been avoided in favour of de-cluttering.
I did buy some curtains from a charity shop last week, though. The shop manageress was measuring the curtains (which had just arrived) when I walked into the shop. "These will sell as soon as we put them out" she said.

 Quite right, I bought them there and then.

Unfortunately, I ended up being party to a conversation which is one of my least favourite topics - home décor.

Gesturing, as if to give an accurate representation of dimensions, she offered a detailed description of  he living-room furnishings

 ('yuh' = 'here').

"I got my wall art yuh" 
"then I got my silver buddha 'ead yuh"
"I got my coffee table yuh, and I got my plasma on tha' wall, then my 'uge mirror on tha' wall. I got teal and terracotta theme I have, and I got all cushions what match, but don't match like, if you know what I mean?"

They coordinate? I said.

"yeah! That's the word. I like stuff to match, but I don't like identical stuff. I love my living room, I even keep the table all laid tidy, like they do on TV when they do a makeover. We eat our food on our lap though, nuts, we are!"

Picnics, parks, streams, scooters, bikes, half-eaten ice-lollies, sunscreen peppered with grit, water pistols, hard skin on my feet, deodorant twice daily, gawping at creosote tans, a red and freckled nose, sweaty grizzly babies, the echoing noises unique to warm open-windowed evenings...all say it's PROPER summertime. Albeit for one week only.

I'll catch up with you all soon - I've missed you (really!)


  1. That last paragraph is exactly my few days of summer so far, plus skinned knees (the boys) and the accusation that "Zac wee'd in my crocs!" (a boy again, obviously)

    I bet teal and terracotta lady bought it all from Next, sounds familiar.

    Missed you too

  2. Welcome back Lucy. We’ve missed you too. Your vivid description of both your ‘home decor’ lady and the summer’s day, show you’ve not lost your touch!

  3. sigh, that sounds like my summer time too. That's another hilarious conversation I can hear her voice in my head very well. Lovely to have you back, I hope all isn't too stressfull

  4. Hello Lucy:
    We absolutely love the idea of your teal and terracotta themed lounge and hope that you will not mind too terribly if we copy...oh, and the plasma [whatever that is, we thought that it flowed in one's veins]....all matching, of course!!!

    We are delighted to hear that you are enjoying happy summer days and the fact that all the fun will be concentrated into one week is just so wonderfully exciting. One can have too much of a good thing we say, after all temperatures here have been solidly at 25C+ for months.....!!!!

    We have missed your gloriously unique voice.

  5. You're back, hurrah!! I hate it when people describe themselves as "minimalistic", grrrr. xxx

  6. Welcome back, lovely! We've missed you lots. I am reading that in my Valleys accent you know. Teal and

  7. It's so good to have you back, Lucy. I have been thinking about you often, and hoping you would find the time and headspace to blog again soon.

    I can hear Home Decor Lady's voice so clearly, it reminds me strongly of all my visits to Swansea. How do the curtains look? Well done for decluttering, I am intending to do something similar this summer, but don't hold your breath...
    Oh that gritty suncream (exfoliate while you protect), sweaty children (hmmm, and adults), feet that need a sander, and being outside, and saying "it's so HOT!" because we aren't used to anything other than grey skies and rain!
    Here comes Summer! xxxxxx

  8. There is our sweet Lucy! We take what we can get :) I promise for a chat when I get back from San Diego, I have missed you so! My favorite kind of decorating is the kind with no plan at all. I love color and have so much of it in my house that I can add whatever I want and it just goes. My house looks just like me and I think when people are here they feel like they are home and that lets me know I did something right, even if it was by accident.

  9. Love real summer time, hope it lasts beyond this week, and hopefully your return will too xx

  10. Keep on blogging. Good to hear from you. Love the valleys accent!

  11. Loved that you posted again Lucy. Been thinking about you and hope things keep getting better. gin

  12. Indeed, everything seems better in Summer. Glad to see you in full flow again. I know it's been a turbulent time. I am also reminded that I need new curtains for my van and so will be visiting charity shops this morning. It will not be as interesting as your encounters. People don't talk much here.

  13. spotted any more blue-chested pigeons this yuh ?

  14. hmmmph !

    she's gone all quiet again

    it might as well rain until september

  15. Just passing by and catching up - it was sunny in West Wales today (so rare) that I actually swam in the sea for an hour. Not that this has anything to do with your post, but thought I'd mention it anyway. Im waffling, I know...

    Loved the little shop sketch above; I could hear the voices

  16. the tableau you draw is so alien to what has passed for summer thus far in Ireland, that I actually feel depressed. And no holiday for this recession hit pup. But I will endeavour to get out the country sometime before the year is out. Hope summer is continuing to be great.

  17. hmmmph ! hmmmph ! hmmmph !

    i'm drumming my fingers on the desk

    i'm tapping my toes hyperactively

    i'm furrowing my noble brow

    i'm sighing and groaning and moaning

    my body language is dejectedly incendiary

    i might even squeeze out a tear ... from either eye

    because there is a big blank space where a certain person's next blog orter be !


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