Monday, 27 February 2012

Broken, on the mend

I'm going to try and post every day for a while, get back doing things I enjoy.

I can't show you my presents today because all the pictures are on my (broken) phone. And that is true!

Everything has been breaking, everything. Life goes like that, even my fancy Global knife snapped clean in half as I chopped an onion.

I've been a misery, upsetting everyone. Traipsing around the supermarket like some sort of lost soul, even the sight of some people enthusiastically rifling through the selection of reduced bakery items compounded my misery.

I got home, washed my hair, read the back of the shampoo bottle - "The result is brunette hair that looks rich in depth with a spectrum of tones and multi-dimensional shine".

What is life all about eh?

Maybe if I keep blogging I'll find some answers.

I cannot thank you all enough for supporting me, cheering me up and offering wisdom.

I've been VERY busy in the charity shops, so lots of pictures will be appearing, with accompanying stories.

I'm going to cheer up, I am, I must!

Lucy x


  1. Daily posts you say? Yahoo i say!

  2. Hooray! I've missed you so much. Lucy. I was thinking of you earlier and wondering if I should email to check you were imprisoned with bread and water. Can't wait to see all those finds.
    You broke a Global knife? Aren't those things guaranteed for years? Get emailing and demand a refund.
    You've got 7 months to cheer up before Krista gets here and if that doesn't put a smile on your face I don't know what will.
    See you very soon. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Thanks Max!

    Been thinking about your dolls house,found some stuff I must send to you.

    Vix - I told Krista that wild horses couldn't stop me from meeting up with her, I'll be more than cheerful by then.

    Thanks for the encouraging comment, I am a drama queen!

    I did wonder about the lifetime guarantee with my knife, I'll get onto them!

    Lucy x

  4. At the risk of sounding like a tedious Pollyanna, some positive mental imaging does seem to help. I knew you would post soon, I willed it so ;-)

    Seriously though, life is grey from time to time. It passes, there'll be more patches of blue if you let yourself be aware of them. Look how we've all missed you.

    ***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogiversary giveaway open now***

  5. Completely understand - it took a while to pull myself out of that funk I had over the whole job debacle but I got there. You were an absolute, life-affirming star of a bloggy friend and I'm sure there are plenty of us who intend to be the same for you. Have missed your posts m'dear! Do the things you enjoy as often as you can and the rest will come around. Don't beat yourself up for how you feel

    Jem xXx

  6. hope you are ok lucy, i didn't know what a global knife was but now i want one...

  7. Lakota - you certainly did spur me on to return! I have nothing to be miserable about, maybe that's my problem!

    Jem - great advice, some people (us?!) just think too much sometimes, I reckon. Thanks for all your support.

    Sian - get a global knife! They're the best. You'e not supposed to ever drop them though, weakens them.
    Guess I dropped mine one too many thousand times, oops!

    I'm OK, just thrive on self-doubt and it all gets abit much, I need a job.

  8. Oh Lucy i have missed you!!! So glad to have you back in blogland. Think life gets us all at times like this. Very much looking forward to seeing you finds. Huge love to you chickadee :o) Scarlett x

  9. Oh thank the lord you're still there - I was getting worried, but didn't want to come over like your mother by nagging you to blog! See how much we miss you when you go awol?
    Life is indeed a spectrum of tones, and all of us have times when the multi-dimensional shine wears off.
    Looking forward to seeing what you've found in the chazzas, and to what pearls of wisdom you've overheard while shopping.
    Daily posts? Yes please! xxxxxxx

  10. I say WALLOW, grab a guitar and write some wonderfully miserable country songs, make a million, come visit me and I'll cheer you up... now THERE is a sensible plan! From one sporadic misery guts to another, big hugs, a little tough love, a hot chocolate and a supportive smile. Sarah xxx

  11. Welcome back1 Sometimes life is hard but it is always good! xx

  12. Life is all about multi-dimensional shine, don't you know that yet?!

    Take care and be kind to YOURSELF.

  13. My sweet Lucy, I have so missed your honest response to the world around you! Best thing about us blogging girls, we don't judge, barely nag and we are here when you need us. I could say life sucks and the you die but it doesn't does it! I will give you the BIGGEST HUG this year and I am happier knowing that I get to meet some of you gals. To me, life is as good as the people in your circle, I am lucky you are in mine. I love you sweets!

  14. Glad your back and it will be great to get a daily update - hopefully with pictures soon xx

  15. Looking forward to finding out what you found at the charity shops!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  16. Sorry to hear you've been feeling blue! Life is a funny thing. Can't wait to see your chairty shop goodies.

  17. I'm sorry you've not been feeling great. It happens to us all I suppose at some time or another. Hope you cheer up soon with the coming of Spring. :)

  18. so, the nicest piece of the jigsaw was under the table ?

  19. Hello Lucy:

    We have been AWOL ourselves for quite a while, sometimes one needs a break from things, however good they are, to just get them into perspective and to see them in a new light. Daily posts....such luxury. You have such a wonderfully imaginative and unique voice, the Blogosphere is richer for your presence.

  20. Luce goose,
    I wondered where you gone..
    cheer up amor!
    I been in a weird funk myself.
    cant wait for this month to be over and boot sales ahoy!
    damn England winter blues!

  21. oh about your crazy ass dream.. maybe it means you will get to see me.
    I wanted to own a beauty salon since I was young, then I got lazy and realized I can only do make up on me.
    when I dream someone I usually hear news from them in the same week.

  22. Good idea to try to post a blog a day. First, it gives you a goal. It gives you a purpose and meaning. There are many of us who cannot get out and look to reach out and connect with others through blogging. And it helps keep me sane. Not always, but with a stress load YEAH is a big help.

    I look forward to your next blog, and am sorry it had to be RIP. Better days ahead for all of you.


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