Friday, 1 April 2011

Brief Moments Of Tranquility

The hairdressers on Monday,  people watching heaven.  If only I  had Owl-like peripheral vision, I wouldn't miss a trick. A young lady looked so vulnerable with her head wrapped in foil and cotton wool. Paranoia seemed to set in as she was forced to look at her face in the mirror for an hour. A man having his thinning hair tidied up talked stocks and shares with the salon owner. For a brief moment I imagine they felt as if they were  Italian Mafia, with money hungry pretty ladies swooning over their powerful, manly presence. Cotton wool/foil lady asked for a 'latte' to go with her out of date Heat magazine, the hairdresser replied "It's Nescafe instant, but I can do it milky in the microwave if you like?". You really should have gone to Cardiff to get your hair coiffed if you fancy living like someone from one of those magazines for an hour or so every 4-6 weeks love.
My three year old son sat still and quietly, he's come a long way since the days of screaming and rolling on the floor at the mere mention of the word 'cut' (be it hair or nails). I appreciated being able to sit and get lost in my thoughts, they are precious, rare moments. Two ladies with children of various ages were waiting on the same banquette (love that word) as me. Most of them were tapping away furiously on their phones. A boy around 8 years old spotted a fridge full of cans. I knew what was coming before his mum did. If you have one, your sister will want one, they're expensive and you're about to have your hair cut. Boys get what they want, either because mum can't be bothered with the sulking and persistence, or perhaps something related to the Oedipus Complex is to blame.

"Share that can with your sister please"

"Eurggh, I don't want to drink from the same can that has HIS dribble all over it."

How lucky was I, with just one child who was behaving admirably?
Very lucky, lots of things have improved over the past three years. My thoughts led to someone I once envied who is now looking fragile, troubled, and ill. I shall describe this tale in my next post.


  1. I did chuckle over the coffee - sounds like something that would happen here. It seems my town is full of hairdressers and sandwich shops, as soon as a unit is free a hairdressers opens - have no idea how they make all their money - maybe its the coffee? lol. Scarlett x

  2. People watching is a great pastime here in the Canary Islands too. I had to have a minor op at the hospital last week. It was scheduled for 3.30 but I wasn't called until 5.00 p.m. During that 90 minutes the world, his wife and and their donkey came to join us in the waiting room. I had my husband for moral support but they bring granny and the kids - no really. They were all Spanish so I can't tell you what they literally said, but their body language was eloquent. It would have been quite amusing if I wasn't a wee bit tense in anticipation of the impending op. That, and the fact that the porter wheeled in a chap who didn't look like he was long for this world. If I close my eyes now I can picture every one of those faces in that room.....bizarre.


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