Thursday, 21 April 2011

Spring/Summer 2011

Queues for Greggs snake around the block. Translucent maxi-dresses offer a glimpse of the damage queuing regularly for a fix from Greggs does. Evil-eyed screwed up faces show signs of heroin and alcohol abuse, juxtaposed with pre-pubescent, malnourished and tattooed  bare chests. Plastic jewel-encrusted sunglasses restrain a mane of recently dyed red hair. Sweaty children whine due to dehydration and heat exhaustion. Elderly ladies dig out the crochet t-shirt, team it with a floral skirt and orthopaedic shoes. Smelly toilets and bins cause insects to gather and socialise. Smokers smile smugly, no longer having to huddle, 'drag' quickly and shiver, ashamed, under their umbrella. Over-priced buckets and spades sell-out, the sand at the park littered with £2.99 tags and plastic mesh bags. Cans of cider and lager are purchased not just for their alcohol content, but for their apparent thirst-quenching effect as well. The market stall selling cannabis-related paraphernalia attracts large crowds of scrawny, excitable young boys. Denzil Danter's funfair teems with female teenagers on look out for their latest 'catch'  (tip-the one who takes control of the dodgems).  Teen boys swear loudly, with pride and spit with astonishing accuracy. How splendid, an Eater heatwave in Pontypridd.


  1. Sounds wonderful, i'll be booking for next Easter *wink*. I do laugh at Greggs, we have now got out 3rd greggs opened in town which is only about 25 metres from one of the other ones - so the greggs addicts dont have to walk that extra 25 metres to get their fix! Scarlett x

  2. Reminiscent of the classic Monty Python travel agent sketch where Eric Idle rants about the worst kind of holiday. Wonderful description Luce!


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