Monday, 6 June 2011


I spent last week at my parents' caravan, with limited internet access. One of the posts I managed to read was Jem's at Beautiful Clutter, where she decided to offer a sneak-peek of her good self. It really got me thinking, especially after my post about anonymity/meeting 'idols'.
I loved what Jem said about photographs not looking like her.
OH had fallen asleep putting the boys to bed, I was at a decidedly loose end. The fridge offered scant appeal, as did the lacklustre selection of reading materials.
I started taking pictures of myself on my phone, resulting in shockingly inaccurate representations.
OH reckons NONE of these snaps look like me.
Apologies for the rather self-indulgent nature of this post, Jem-I blame you!   Here is my evening of boredom turned into a Dear Deirdre's Casebook style strip...


  1. HAHAHA! :-) Now you've made me giggle Luce! I absolutely love the comic strip idea, it looks great and you do a great impression of an existential crisis in the 'What's the point?!' photo :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. P.S - I really like the new layout! :-)

  3. Your comic strip is cool! I remember trying to take a photo of myself for a blog image, and I couldn't keep a straight face! Bx

  4. Heh, crackers in a good way x

  5. Mwahaha! Love it! Im not the best at having my picture taken unless im in full 50s glam gear! ;o)

    Haggling advise - act like your not that interest, hmmm a bit and if possible point out any faults, then say 'would you take...?" they normally do ;o)

    Ahh and I was going to send you one of those Jack prints ;O) mwahaha, did I lose some 'cred'? lol.

    Mwah Scarlett x

  6. must be an imposter ... surely no one that good looking lives in the valleys ?

  7. You don't look like any of the photos - you're wayyyy prettier in real life! All of your posts make me giggle so much. x

  8. Oh wow, I love this idea.


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