Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Take that! Take That...

I walked to  Zumba class this morning after the school run with two other mums. They could be described as 'lovely' people. Both have gentle clear voices, grace, poise, and I bet neither of them belch loudly and blame the kids. It only takes us five minutes to walk there, so conversation is light and frothy. Today was the first day back for the children after Whitsun so it was "did you have a good week?" and the like. Going out for lunch, weekends away, and going to watch a 'show' are highly prized activities for a lot of mums, I notice. Great, you work hard (notice how everyone who has a job 'works hard'?) and deserve a break, a treat, something to look forward to (though even when I worked hard, these things didn't happen-woe is me). So, I am admiring the sensible nature of my companions, they went to Uni, met 'the one' (I despise that phrase, along with 'my rock' and 'soulmate' eugh). They got great jobs, went on exotic holidays, got married, had kids (did everything properly). My sense of inadequacy almost smarts, an inferiority complex begins to rear it's head.
An announcement is made, complete with raised excitable voice, jazz hands and cheesy grin. "I'm going to see Take That next weekend"!! Cue jealous "oh lucky you" response (not from me). I'm aware that my expression has remained deadpan, and I say "that'll be fun".  My sense of superiority begins to rear it's head, I suddenly feel quite pleased to be me. I am the youngest of the three, yet I still remember being completely repulsed by Take That. I never understood the appeal back then, and I'm puzzled as to the resurgence of their popularity.  Perhaps there's a music snob element to my distaste, but it's not JUST that. It's the whole formulaic lifestyle package so many women around my age plump for, the company of friends just doesn't seem to be enough.. I may seem a bore, yet I like fancy dress parties, I like a good time in the company of women and it's something I rarely get to experience (pretty much all male family, including my female relatives who are more masculine than the men in a lot of ways [joke] and friends who I tend to keep separated). But meals at franchise restaurants, dreadful musicals, Take That concerts... not for me. Why then, do I feel almost envious of people for whom these events hold so much promise?
My quest to either 'fit in' or be a proper quirky 'individual' will be infinite. I battled with this as  a teen and the battle continues. Maybe I'd thoroughly enjoy a Take That show, perhaps I don't know what I'm missing? Or am I just not at all suited to planned fun? I never did like the idea of looking at a diary and seeing 17th June: fun starts at 5pm, Nando's  for lunch with girls! Yay! *squeal* (or whatever latest buzzword is to convey excitement). Oh, shut up Lucy you miserable, bitter cynic, I have heard quite enough from you, and 'you're not even talking!


  1. I'm afraid I'm a boyband snob too. I remember people in the first year of secondary school liking Bros, and I sneered then. I did have a taped cassette of New Kids on the Block, but pretty soon decided it was crap, so I certainly wasn't going to start swooning by the time Take That came along. I did however accompany a mate to see NKOTB (as they were known in Smash Hits) at the o2 a couple of years ago - out of morbid curiosity and because she was an ex fan and really wanted someone to go with (can I just point out the tickets were free - she works for MTV. No money changed hands, I'm not insane). I really didn't understand the appeal of Joey et al when I was 11, and it was most disturbing to see Donnie Walberg in his 40s still singing 'Hanging Tough'. But hey, I still have a deep and abiding love for Jon Bon Jovi, so I'm probably not one to talk...

  2. Take That I could take (with a big glass of booze to wash it down) but franchise resturants and tacky musicals give me the creeps big time, no matter the intoxication level. Fortunatly both are in limited supply here, phew!
    It's all about safety I think, the stepford wives approach to life? And we all want a bit of safety/comfort and dare I say it even boredom sometimes, specially when life is stressful,and so sometimes, briefly it can seem appealing?
    Love your blog, always affecting,
    Max x

  3. I'm a fellow Take That cynic, the entire frenzy seemed to pass me by and although I wish them no ill I have zero desire to bop away at one of their concerts. I'm someone who sometimes finds girl to girl friendships difficult, I like lunch/coffee and a shopping expedition but I don't want that to be the only activity on offer! I can feel inferior at times so I know just where you're coming from - I feel like I'm the least 'sorted' of most of my friends on the 'life' checklist of house, job, car, wedding etc, but recently I've given up thinking about what I should be doing and decided to focus on what I actually want and so far it's working wonders for my confidence!

    As Max said - there is always something so thought provoking about the posts you write!

    Jem xXx

  4. Should i shake it up by saying I was a take that fan in my school days *gets her coat* eek! Im very much looking forward to experiencing the 'school run' mums! I'll be the wierdo in a head scarf and peep toes shoes that they will all steer clear of ;o) Scarlett x

  5. No Scarlett, you'll be the mum everyone gravitates towards because you're comfortable with your individuality.
    I love the comments on this post, really well written and re-assuring, thanks 'girls'.
    I wonder what the men make of it all, bet there are some poor sods being dragged along to hold their wives' wine whilst they boogie on down to 'Relight my fire'.

  6. Please say you are to remain the proper quirky indiviual that you are, the school run is such a bain, isn't it?! PS I find myself unable to comment on any blogs including my own at the moment, v annoying!! Kat x

  7. I feel that I have to keep quiet about the stuff I like: indie music, fast cars, action-adventure movies, and the Lord of the Rings. When as a mum and carer who is nearly 50 I should like Neil Diamond, MPVs (or not care about cars at all) proper literature and thoughtful movies. Glad I'm not alone xx

  8. oh man. i've just been in cardiff and it is full of women going to see Take That. All the pubs and bars were full and i couldn't have my post shopping glass of wine!
    some people had even made a huge banner which said 'robbie. facebook me'x

  9. I'm so glad it's not just me who feels this way. Sometimes I get roped into joining in with mainstream female group activities, but the required behaviour never comes naturally.


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