Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hang the DJ

Keshling added my name to the list of people she'd like to know more about from a music taste perspective. I was happy to oblige, after all - this was going to be a music appreciation blog (hence 'Being of Sound Mind').

I refuse to use the words 'tagged' and 'meme' as they make me feel a bit sick, like when a child sucks chalk, or you stand on a piece of banana and it feels like a slug.

Keshling produced a fine list.
I'm always impressed when someone can play an instrument, and I'm always impressed when music is a big part of  a person's life. Keshling - you're on to a winner.

Last week, Loren asked "is it OK to fancy someone purely based on their music tastes?".
I had to reply "yes, of course" because that is what brought Rob and I together initially.
I could cope with a man who had different music preferences to me, but not someone who doesn't enjoy music at all, happily listening to Radio 1 in the daytime.

'Songs' - probably not the right word, I tend to listen to music without words (which I know is a crime to many). Choosing 5 is very difficult, the list has altered daily in my mind...

1)  808 State - Pacific State.

I was 12 years old, watching Top of The Pops and eating Battenberg cake.
Something happened. I heard music which matched my brain pattern, it was this ^ ^
 My love affair with electronic music began that evening...

2) This love affair became torrid, tempestuous and unruly. My late friend (more about her here) and I used to sit in her large bedroom with a pot of tea, toast with cream cheese and jam, and listen to Aphex Twin as we made collages from striking images we found in magazines and newspapers.

This track always struck me as haunting - melancholy and beautiful. I listen to it very occasionally now, I have to be ready to spend the rest of the day in a reflective mood, with a slight sadness lingering for hours afterwards. This is electronic music at it's best, even though it's nearly 20 years old. I know it can be incredibly boring listening to other people's favourite music, but I'd love your feedback, particularly on this track.

3)  My father and I were huge Twin Peaks fans, we looked forward to watching it all week. The final episode left a lasting impression on me, and Jimmy Scott/Angelo Badalamenti's dramatic rendition of Sycamore Trees added to the sensory overload. I think I'd like it played at my funeral, with a backwards-talking dwarf dancing around my coffin, then again - I'd be dead so what's the point in arranging something only I would find amusing?

4) I'll keep it short, this one is 'our song'. Not that we get all emotional over it, or plan on shuffling uncomfortably to it *when* we get married (or is that 'if' - Rob?).
The lyrics are so sickly, but I love them.

5) I'm not a  Björk fan, but this track does something for me, maybe it's because I have 3 boys, and 'boy' is in it? 

I look forward to posts from the others who are joining in. If you'd like to let us know your 5 song list, I'd love to hear them....


  1. Hello:
    Music is, as for so many others, and most certainly for yourself, an essential part of our lives. It is of course, when it comes to preferences, a very individual matter and we should be very hard put to select favourite pieces. Not so long ago we heard all nine of the Beethoven symphonies played in an afternoon and evening at a Beethoven concert here in Budapest. It was amazing - beyond belief.

  2. Jane and Lance - that concert sounds spectacular, I'd love to experience something like that. Despite my love for electronica, I am happy to embrace most genres if pointed to fine examples by people who know what they're talking about.
    The only music style I cannot tolerate so far is modern R'n'B, if anyone wants to try and change my mind - go ahead!

  3. Music was a major part of my life for 30 years as I played in orchestras, sang in choirs and endured my brother's taste in pop which came booming out of his room at home.

    Now the music which dominates my life is that which comes from the XBox of my sons, and strangely it is often classical. This amuses me greatly because my boys say classical music is beurk, but that in an XBox context it sounds all right.

    I crave peace and quiet though mostly, and when I can, I listen to the silence.

  4. Well I'm a bit obsessed with music, of all kinds, and cannot imagine having a relationship with someone whose taste is stuck in a rut. So I loved this list with stuff I've never heard before ... though I do have the first Sugarcubes album :)

  5. Hi Sarah - I can relate to what you say, there are 2 X-boxes in this house (how I long for a Victorian dolls house.) The games are exceptionally well produced, I often recognise the music as being one of the many WARP produced artists (often used on commercials and documentaries too)
    I rarely listen to the tracks here, they are just examples with a little bit of a story.
    Silence doesn't exist, I've never heard it - I will find a noise. My 4 year old was dragging his fingers along a metal perforated bench at the train station yesterday - it sounded wonderful to me, like music. Probably explains why I also like the 'Industrial' genre.
    Peace and quiet sounds both wonderful and terrifying - one day I'll experience it!

  6. I am like Sarah.

    I love music, but I have given it up.

    I choose silence. Yes you are right there are sounds in silence but not the kind of sounds that overwhelm and change moods and thinking, as music does.

    Keshling also tagged me to do this - I am not sure how to go about it. Am thinking how to tackle this as a blog post.

    I mostly like the pieces you have chosen to share - electronic music is different and interesting to listen to and I found it doesn't jar as much with my soul as most modern day music does. (I'd also be melancholic if I listened to the Aphex Twin stuff you posted. It's quite haunting.)

    And I'm afraid that anything remotely reggae has my hair standing up in stiff spirals. :)

  7. Looking for Blue Sky - I'd love to rifle through your music collection, especially since you said you frequented the Hacienda!

    Wendz - Reggae isn't a genre I take easily, it's like a tablet stuck in my throat. I used to side with Morrisey - "Reggae is vile". Rob has an extensive music collection, including reggae from the very beginning. I have learned to tolerate, even enjoy some reggae, and have been thoroughly educated as to it's influences on modern music.
    I now know that when it comes to genres of music I am very open to being 'shown the way'.
    I hope I never give up on music, it gives me so much support, particularly with the daydreaming (which is hard when I'm reading/watching TV.

  8. Music is a huge part of my day to day life. I have to have some swinging rockabilly 50's tunes on at least once a day (normally on the way to work when Im on a complete downer).

    My husband and I are chalk and cheese with our music tastes - he is very much in the 'old school raver camp' and would very much apprieate '808 State - Pacific State'(bought back memories of my youth too!).

    Scarlett x

  9. Scarlet - I'd like to hear some of your recommendations....

  10. Well thank you so much for the hilarious rap link, I totally dig it! "Bitch you ain't no Barbie- you work at Arby's" HAHA LOVE IT!!!! Have you ever seen this? I could not find the uncensored version...I love this video!

    Life would not be worth living without music! My husband and I met at a concert and I love that music brought us together. Music reflects so many moments in my life. I am a fan of Aphex Twin, Orbital, Meat Beat Manifesto, Celldweller, Dead Can Dance...these are more atmospheric. Sometimes I do not want words just sounds that evoke my own meaning and interpretation.

    The gentleman singing Sycamore Trees is Jimmy Scott, I love his voice and have had the pleasure of meeting him and telling him how his voice lulls me to sleep.

    I love to make you a CD!

    When I was in high school it was all Slayer, Metallica and Def Leppard. College was more about classic rock Led Zepplin, Janis Joplin, Crosby Steels Nash and Young, Lords of Acid creeped in there and then the flood gates blew open with Otis Redding, Billie Holiday, Charles Mingus, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Beastie Boys, Tool, then into doom metal, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Lacuna Coil, I really could go on forever!

  11. Krista - you are very welcome to compile a CD for me! I like a bit of Slayer occasionally when I'm in the mood now, but metal is one genre I sort of flirted with, but never settled down, Alice in Chains left a lasting impression though

    PJ Harvey nearly made it on to this short-list, along with so many others.

    Hmm, I still seem to be waiting on that R'n'B recommendation - anyone?

  12. Let Me Blow Your Mind!!!!! ......recommended by Red

    K xx

  13. Red - sorry - it's OK, but that's as far as I'll go! Maybe I', just being awkward, or I'm too old...

    Ben - please do, I'd very much like to hear your top 5.

  14. I loved electronic music above all else when I lived in the UK, it all started by borrowing Cabaret Voltaire tapes from the local library aged 12. I've listened less and less to music the longer I've lived here. I don't need it as much maybe, also I don't drive much these days, and the local music scene is dire. I think I might do a top 5 anyway...
    ps the bjork song is gorgeous x

  15. Ooh, I got a mention! I'm going to think of my top 5 for sure.


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