Saturday, 24 September 2011


Bored on a Saturday night, how has it come to this?

I've enjoyed my day - only one son here this weekend, so I handed the park and train track making duty over to Rob and hit the charity shops. The prices were BEYOND unreasonable, I only came away with 2 cardigans, some crazy earrings, an old map of France to use for crafting, some photo-frames to destroy and a couple of books and toys for the little ones. Total spend £11 and I hope to make some money from the frames once I have tarted them up.

I went for a 4 mile run, passing glamorous ladies off out on the town, numerous take-aways wafting the odious MSG aroma into the evening air, hundreds of boy racers drove past, souped-up Subarus, Citroen Saxos, and sporty Fiestas filling the gap where testosterone, intelligence and wit should be.

I'm still 'dieting' so a bottle of wine/cake/bag of cashews/hummus and crusty bread are out of the question - not to mention the giant bar of Michel Cluizel chocolate I want.
We've plenty of films to watch - but Rob always falls asleep half way in - very annoying when I've squinted my way through intense subtitled dialogues (hate wearing my glasses) only to find I have nobody to talk about the film to at the end.

All the books I'm currently reading are super-depressing, the stuff of nightmares, all I want is some light-hearted fun (not interested in the X-Factor once the initial auditions are over).

Moan finished, I've decided to copy Lakota and do an A-Z of me post. I have been thinking of doing one for a while, so here goes:

A - Age
34. I feel older, look older and don't do anything to try and look younger. No creams or potions in this house.

B - Bed Size
Double, really uncomfortable mattress, one of the numerous things which need to be replaced

C - Chore you hate
Cleaning the oven is the worst

D - Dogs
We don't have any pets. I'm allergic to most hairy animals, and find dogs' neediness and fierce loyalty rather pathetic as opposed to appealing.  I do know what it's like to love a dog though - always had pets as a child

E - Essential start to your day
A pint of freezing water downed in one, followed by super-strong tea - at least one. My bladder is pretty strong, luckily.

F - Favourite colour
Grey, purple, orange, green - like them equally

G - Gold or silver
I don't own either- I'm more of a pewter girl. Given a choice  - silver

H - Height
5' 7"

I - Instruments you play
None, I got thrown out of violin class because the teacher couldn't handle my slow-to-learn brain. Cello teacher told me music wasn't my forte, even the recorder proved a challenge for me. Shame, I 'feel' like quite a musical person!

J - Job title

K - Kids
3 boys aged 12, 4, and nearly 3

L - Live
Pontypridd, South Wales

M - Mother's name
Linda, very opinionated but only family get to hear the opinions - good job, she's made grown men cry with her truths
Looking good at 60, I reckon

N - Nickname

Juice (obv - rhyming), Frank Spencer (dad's name for his clumsy daughter)

O - Overnight hospital stays
5 days is the longest, my youngest son was born early and I had an infection which can be lethal if passed on to the baby during labour.Very lucky it was detected before his birth.
I enjoyed people-watching, enjoyed being waited on, and bonded with my baby far better for being in hospital. Nothing but praise for the staff, bloody boiling in there though! And the tea wasn't up to my standard.

P - Pet peeves
Litter, waste, cars taking over the pavement as well as the road, raffle tickets, junk mail, empty jars being returned to fridge//cupboard I'm afraid the list could go on all night)

Q - Quote from a film

"It's not Jesus, it's just a fella" - Whistle down the Wind

"The box - you opened it. WE CAME" - Hellraiser

"Nobody understands clothes here Barbie" - Ken, Toy Story 3

R - Right or left handed?

S - Siblings
Brother, 2 years younger

T - Time you wake up
every hour, get up at 7 ish - love mornings though, and very late at night - hate 2pm - 6pm, I'm grumpy and lethargic.

U - Underwear 
Mother-in-laws old bras, and I get knickers for Christmas. Nothing matches. Can't justify the expense of underwear, and if I got run over, my knicker and bra choice would be the least of my worries. I take my bra off as soon as I get in anyway, they are all over the house for guests to find and feel embarrassed about.

V - Vegetable you hate
Mushrooms why would anyone want to eat fungi?

W - What makes you run late
Rob. Nothing else, I hate being late, punctuality is VERY important to me. Rob gets ready to go out 5 minutes after he should have been somewhere - I have learned to bit my tongue ('til it bleeds).

X - X-Rays you've had
Last one was on my left index finger. It got jammed  when a child slammed a door into it. That finger never gets warm, it's always ice cold, and painful in the winter.

Y - Yummy food that you make
I asked Rob, he said curry, and pizza. Has to be all fresh spices (my hands are always yellow from fresh turmeric) and pizza dough has to be made by hand, with home made sauce - no tomato purée.

Z - Zoo animal
Elephants, they are so prehistoric looking, and such emotional animals, and my favourite colour

Some pretty pointless facts there, for a pretty pointless evening! Having said that - I'd love it if you'd join in because I'm so nosey.


  1. i'm guessing four miles in your steep sided valley town is like eight miles in new york

  2. You don't look older at all, that's bollocks. Your mum does indeed look good at 60, as will you. I'm not great at the afternoon slot either. Or the morning, unfortunately.

  3. Like your list. I hate oven cleaning too and as for the underwear, none of it matches. I also have a thing about punctuality but my husband is always running late - hate it.

  4. I so agree re: time keeping. My motto is 'always early, never late' - Lateness is so disrespectful to others!

    As for dogs, I have four and love them to death!

    Your mum is gorgeous and you are too - neither of you look your age!

    I keep meaning to do an A-Z myself andfound your interesting x

  5. Got a couple of things there where my answer is exactly the same. And to echo the others, I cannot believe your Mum is 60! Can't agree on the Mushrooms though, I eat them on Toast, dripping with butter. Glorious.

  6. Maps to use for crafting - that's what I like to hear! I'm obsessed! Got some brilliant, cheap, out of date road atlases yesterday.

    We've got a few more similarities than I thought; I'm a silver person when pushed, loathe cleaning the oven, hate mushrooms and have Mum who looks good for her age. Also have sod all co-ordinating underwear. One of these days there will be matching sets . . . !

    Jem xXx

  7. Interesting stuff, really. I like every bit of this post but i can't help saying that the winsome smile of ur mother is superseding everything else.

  8. Your so funny and ouch on that finger.Mine is coming to my station soon so stay tuned.

  9. I love Frank Spencer!! You won the prize draw last night so well done and e-mail me your address so I can send you your prize!! xx

  10. Now I know I could be your mother...well I’m almost the same age (next year) and I have a daughter who is almost your age. We 60 year-olds are pretty well-preserved (My husband’s expression) these days you know, in spite of still worrying ourselves sick about our offspring. When I think what my Gran and her generetaion looked like at that age......!

  11. Of course I can’t type very well, obviously!

  12. You are such a lady of mystery it's lovely to find out more about you. Your Mum is gorgeous and so are you, you silly girl.
    I can't believe you don't love mushrooms. That's madness! Jon used to say the same until he got so fed up with me sneaking them into stuff he succumbed and learnt to love the 'shroom.
    Matching underwear? Why?

  13. I'll say it here too - im loving these a-z posts! So good to know more about you. No you certainly DO NOT look older, and you obviously get your fabulous looks from mama. I hate mushrooms too so glad not alone. :o) Scarlett x

  14. Yes, I'm liking these A-Z posts too.

    Blimey, you mum looks amazing.

    I'm like Rob, I'm afraid, I'm always falling asleep during films then I annoy my partner (so he tells me) by blaming him for not waking me up.

  15. Lots of unexpected stuff and your Mum looks amazing. Your start to the day is very scary in a super healthy way - and you say you don't look after your looks?

  16. My mother will be delighted with all these positive comments. When she gets back from her holiday, I'm going to do a blog post on her. Her life has been very interesting.

    Yes, Tristan - these hills are helping to cultivate some rather unflattering 'javelin thrower' thighs.

    Mushroom fanciers - you could probably convert me, one thing I'm not, is stuck in my ways

  17. Interesting esp. the curry cooking part. Curry here is vile so i always make my own and am always on the hunt for a new 'tried and loved' recipe... You sound very enthusiastic and energetic, the running, the observing, the cooking from scratch, the writing; and I'm looking forwards to hearing more about your incredibly youthful mum too x

  18. Look at you running on a Saturday night dang girl, I was eating about a dozen cookies right about then :) I like all the random facts about you. Your Mum is gorgeous! Mushrooms do suck and curry and pizza are two of my favorite things to eat. Oh and don't forget without all of us music lovers who would the musicians make music for....then need us like we need them. Three boys, you are a warrior!!!!!

    Have a great week love!

  19. Re: bed size - we took out a loan for a bigger mattress with a latex topper. It took two years to pay off, but it was worth every penny.

  20. Loved reading this Lucy, nice to find out more about you. Your Mum looks totally amazing! x

  21. Pontypridd eh - I can feel a post coming on. Always liked the sound of YNYSYBWL - and remember seing the road sign to it when I first came to Wales - where are the vowels I thought. There's a scary gorge that runs from Ynys to the Taff that I kayaked in spate a few times years ago. It wasn't just the water that was dangerous - it was dodging the old cars and shopping trolleys


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