Sunday, 9 October 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful [IMAGE HEAVY]

There are so many reasons to be cheerful.

I won TWO 'giveaways' -

Firstly, a garment that has been on quite a journey (returned to sender once, and from the depot to my house THREE times!)  fitting, really, as it features a large feathered bird:

I won this on Kat and Emma's monthly  giveaway and I love it.  They are such a creative duo, true artists with a passion for embracing all things unique, quirky and fun.
This cardigan caused quite a stir at the doctors last week! Children wanted to touch it.

Secondly, I won Scarlett's latest giveaway, and I had some help opening the parcel:

Suits you, sir

they insisted I paint my nails IMMEDIATELY!

can I eat it, mum?

they love these Enid Blyton tales

I plan on using the buttons for crafting, and framing the tea-towel - my kitchen needs to be brightened up -


As if this wasn't enough to keep my spirits up, in between these parcels, the queen of treasure-hunting, style and generosity, Vix sent me a parcel of goodies. 
Just by reading past blog posts, detective Vix managed to glean enough information to choose items I simply adore.

Even down to the card, Vix picked out just the right detail.

Lovely earrings, poncho created by Vix in my favourite shades with shades in my favourite shade too! Bracelet I've hardly taken off, pinny just perfect for my pizza nights, cute blue slip which cheered Rob up a treat (winceyette p.j's not so popular).
Even the card was thoughtful - I mentioned wanting a dresser full of treasured finds in a past post.

I also one a parcel full of chocolate on Crystal Jigsaw's caption competition post! 

And, a 1980 edition 'Mandy' annual I picked up for 10p has provided some double-entendre delight:

"Sorry for choking like that mum, I just wasn't ready for 'Big Ben'"
"We'll get used to it in the evenings dear"

Whilst I'm going a bit crazy with the images, here I am wearing my most recent charity shop finds:

Coat - Eastex -  Red Cross- £5.99
Black dress - St Michaels - Wales Air Ambulance - £3
Black Heeled Brogues - my mum's original
Scarf -Richard Allan - Wales Air Ambulance -  50p
Orange Cardi -  Hand-knitted - St David's Hospice - £1
Patterned tights - 'new' from charity shop (can't remember) - 50p
Patterned skirt - St Michaels - (I wouldn't go out dressed like that - honest!) - Wales Air Ambulance £1.50

I ended this evening with a book that was written for me,  cheers Vix.

Scarlett, Kat and Emma - your prizes made me so happy! Thank-you very much.

Kathryn (Crystal Jigsaw) I'm going to have to run an extra mile a day at least to work off the damage done by the giant chocolate parcel you sent me! Thanks though - loved it (yep, all gone!).

I'll leave you with something I managed to avoid taking home from the charity shop....

Have a great week everyone!


  1. So many errors. Sorry! Very tired tonight.

  2. LUCY!!!!!!! I'm so happy to see so many pictures of you, DAM your gorgeous aren't you!!!!!!! The cardigan with the bird and feathers makes me want to touch it! I love the poncho from Vix (isn't she the best!) Your boys are so sweet! Love you in the black dress and pink tights and your patterned tights are so sexy with those boots! We want to see more of LUCY!!!!!

    The slut cookbook and toilet seat warmer have me giggling.

  3. You look gorgeous in everything! It's so lovely to see you in your finds, gifts and prizes and I demand you do it more regularly.
    Those tights are amazing, both the pink and patterned pair and I don't expect to hear any more comments about needing to loose weight, your bod in that vintage slip is rocking!!
    PS We can now see where your gorgeous boys get their great looks from.

  4. It IS nice to see you!
    Lovely gifts fom Vix, of course, she's on fire with the care packages at the moment!
    And nice wins on the giveaways too.
    Great chazzer finds, I must say the Mandy annual had me sniggering.
    But then I am the mum who finds the fact that my kid is in Beavers to be hilarious.
    I know, I'm shameful...
    And your boys are cuties! xxxxx

  5. You're such a stunner, Luce! I love these photos and your new coat is FAB! Vix is so brilliant at knowing exactly what we'd love, what a fantastic lady she is!The poncho is simply excellent. Lots of lol at the toilet seat warmer you passed over. I once saw an secondhand vintage breast pump in a charity shop, another gem.
    Bonne semaine!

  6. yep, you look great! love the coat and the black dress.xx

  7. Lucy you are just gorgeous - so great to see pictures of you (coming from someone who hides from the camera!). I love all you CS finds and Vix is just amazing, what fabulous items, she knows just what to send.
    I must say I adore the bird cardi - blooming lovely. Glad you like your giveaway goodies too :o)

    Scarlett x

  8. Cool clothes indeed Lucy! I know absolutely bugger all about fashion. When Alexander McQueen died some of my work colleagues were aghast I had no idea who he was. But I do like clothes. I just need to get some 'new' ones. I really like the current autumn range in Next, but at £50 for a jumper and £30 for a shirt I baulked good and proper. Must have a trawl around town - We've probably got more charity shops than you have. Think there are about 20!

  9. Ooh where to start? The divine Vix strikes again and I love it all. You totally rock the poncho. Awesome prizes and charity shop finds too - this has got to make up for shitty M&S and their lack of discernment.

  10. Your clothes are ace! I love the bird cardi. Clothes that make people talk and really look are brilliant. You look very chic in your coat. What a lovely elegant face you have. I wish I had your pins! I am what they call a, ahem, 'shortarse.'
    Well done on your winning.
    Ta for your lovely comments at mine. I edit out the mess, the trains I stand on and the detritus of my life out of the pics. xxx

  11. Super cute post! We really love the poncho!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  12. I am absolutely loving the modelling pics - looking very Audrey with the shades and headscarf combo!! :-) Lovely post, and lots of brilliant prizes and thoughtful pressies. Cracking up over trannys not being 'allowed' in school. Priceless!

    Jem xXx

  13. The coat is fantastic as is the teatowel-cracking up over the trannys not allowed too x

  14. Gorgeous,impressive,stunning,sizzling.........U R quintessentially a combination of sound mind n stunning appearance.

  15. Lucy you look fab in your clothes - so elegant in the coat and so stylish in the black dress. Those shades really do it for you too.

    Great post full of lovely goodies. I got some goodies yesterday when I went to see a friend who was chucking out some clothes, came away with 4 sets of trousers. Cool!

  16. Ok thats it No more hiding your gorgeous self ever again now!! If us old ducks can do it so can you you young good looker you.And what a great week of gifting you had Very cool xxx

  17. i dreamt about you last night... and scarlett loves elvis and vintage vixen... i have obviously been spending too much time looking at your blogs.x

  18. i noticed the BIG wine glass !

    was that a half a bottle EACH of sicilian ?

  19. I would like to leave a pithy comment but my brain is half dead this morning - absolutely could not sleep a freaking wink last night.

    So, nice things. I really like the tea towel and the Mandy annual. And Lucy you look lovely. Oh that all sounds naff. sorry.

  20. What lovely comments. I haven't had use of a computer for a few days - commenting on posts with my phone has been no fun.

    All I can say is that I'd either love to go shopping with you all, or take you shopping.
    Who wants to walk into a shop full of rails and rails of the same thing? Not me. I want clothes from every decade, tat from grinning pigs to beautifully painted glass, boxes of pretty buttons for a penny each, and of course - that familiar smell which is unique to charity shops. Just ask Wendz for more details!

  21. Love the coat. Makes me want to pick up my old charity shop hunting again; used to get a lot of my kids stuff (a books) from the local PDSA shop when they were younger.

  22. Wow - amazing - you are clearly on a lucky streak. Go out and buy a lottery ticket, fast!!!

    Cool charity shop finds. And the Mandy pictures are hilarious!

  23. Lovely post! I love it when people win giveaways and seeing what they get! Fab finds too...especially love the coat and your tights.
    We've been drawn as Lakota's Blogswap partners..I'll be in


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