Thursday, 6 October 2011

Six ninety-nine please

Everyone was walking past the house to go to the shop for wine or beer. I bought some wine too. I wanted to be transported somewhere exciting, maybe £6.99 being removed electronically from my  bank  account for a bottle of rotten liquified  grapes was the key.

I was swept along with the tide of seemingly happy people on twitter, they love drinking wine on Friday.

I'm on my second big glass, watching The Comic Strip. I'm not finding it very entertaining. Rob has drifted into one of those naps which start with jerky spasms, a hangover of evolution; stopped us falling from trees when were apes.

I have no computer, this week I have been solely using my phone for electronic communication. Frustrating for a ham-fisted individual like me.

To be using my phone to type a blog post suggests desperation.

Overdrawn, overtired, overstimulated, understimulated, groundhog day, content, fear of the future, longing for adventure, longing for hibernation, want to dance, want to sit motionless in 10 decibel silence, laughing uncontrollably with friends, serious chat with friend,.want to be thin, want to be curvy, want to dye my hair, love the natural colour, need new footwear, washed the dog shit off my running shoes; they look box-fresh, want my sons to be more independent, still want to be the centre of their world, want more free time, worry free time means I spend that valuable time doing things like this...

Typos, grammatical errors, inevitable tonight - sorry readers.


  1. £6.99?? Cor, you know how to live! The thing is do things look different when you look at them through the bottom of that wine glass?

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  3. Did u enjoy sound sleep after this? If yes, what places did u go n enjoy in the dreams?

  4. I do like wine on a Friday night but I'm one of those philestines who doesn't enjoy red too much!

    Jem xXx

  5. Your boys will grow up way faster than you can imagine and the empty space that leaves inside you is no fun. Stay the centre of their world as long as you can - when it goes, it's gone for good. And it seems to happen overnight, when you're not watching.

    I've given up wine - makes me too maudlin. Unless it's seriously good stuff and then I imght have a glass.

  6. By the way, forgetting my rather simplistic earlier response to your post, I think it is great you are feeling all those things. You are ALIVE!

  7. I dont really drink at home but always find it amusing the conversations on a monday morning at work regarding how much they all put away on the friday night 'after work drink sessions; - so pleased I no longer work fridays, i dont have to make excuses any more :o) Scarlett x

  8. We indulged in a three-for-a-tenner deal from the offie last night and it still didn't make that Hunt For Tony Blair Comic Strip as hilarious as the Observer had promised.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

  9. Oh yes, how often have I said to my big kids 'let me be part of your lives!' There's nothing worse than a grown woman grovelling.

    K xx

  10. This Blogger app is the pits. I like replying individually, but I'd end up breaking my phone in a fit of thoroughly modern rage.
    Cheap wine is great when you're in a good mood, but I'm in a vile mood this week.
    Raman, I dreamt about a girl I worked with when I was 19, in the dream she had teleportation powers, it was great. I also dreamt about a futuristic house which wasn't mine, but felt very familiar indeed.
    I'm going to be in a great mood next week, and hope to get some pent-up blog posts out - I've had to abandon several.
    I'm not checking this comment, hope its not illegible.

  11. Pretty good for a mobile phone.

    £6.99 - quite posh for Pembrokeshire that would be.


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