Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fight for this love

I witnessed a mid-afternoon brawl in town today. Can't really call it a fight, as the violence was one-sided, a 'beating' if you like.  There were two girls egging on two blokes who were laying into another guy. The guy getting beaten was being comforted by his friend in between blows. Blood poured from a facial wound. I didn't want to watch, but felt compelled to. The girls looked so evil and damaged, they were young but looked irreparably worn. Carrier bags full of cans swung from their hands, language full of hate spewed from their mouths.
 Across the road from the bingo hall where the mêlée was taking place is a church. The playgroup was empting out, mums and dads collecting their precious toddlers. I refuse to believe the individuals involved in the brawl are 'scum'. Call me naive, but I think very few people are born evil. All I wonder is if these people were ever someone's whole world, someone's pride and joy. If they were bathed and fed well, sung to, read to and made to feel special.


  1. eugh, why do people have to do it! Ive only ever seen brawls like this in my clubbing days, alcohol and macho pride bad mix. Scarlett x

  2. That is actually quite sad. They may, or may not have been cherished as toddlers themselves, but that opens up the whole nature v nurture debate I suppose.

  3. It's a shame that people choose to do things like this in a public place, in front of impressionable children also.


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