Saturday, 30 July 2011

A big thank-you before I go away for a week

  • Keshling  whose blog Keshling Pulls it off!!! I wouldn't have discovered were it not for Lakota at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping  (she paired us for the brilliant charity swap) has passed on her very deserved blog awards to me!

Keshling's blog offers a witty, honest and varied glimpse into her very busy life. I admire her dedication to her family; her humour; tastes in art and music... and her determined streak is something I'd love to borrow for a few years to sort my life out.

I only wish I had a list of interesting facts about me to share which would rival Keshling's. I mean, drumming in a punk rock band, tandem parachute jumps?  I couldn't even make up such cool things to share.

I'd imagine I've led others who were kind enough to pass these awards on to me to believe they're 'not my thing'. Truth is, I was really chuffed when Lakota first passed on the Liebster Blog award to me in March (see here).

I was brand new to blogging, knew nothing about awards and was quite overwhelmed that somebody felt my blog was worthy of telling others about. I'd seen a lot of British Mummy Blogs with all their fancy clicky things down the side, and initially thought there must be some sort of catch.

I was wrong, these awards are a simple way of introducing like-minded bloggers to one another, not some dodgy pyramid-scheme/chain-letter type nonsense.  I had every intention of adding the Leibster Award to the side bar of my blog.

This leads to the first fact about me: I am RUBBISH with computers. I sort of by-passed the computer revolution at school and college. I have managed to get by just being able to do the very basics. I've always  been able to delegate any computer-related tasks at work (there's usually someone who prefers sitting at the computer to cleaning up shit, funny, that). And at home, I have a partner whose idea of perfect bedtime reading is a 9,000 page CISCO book - I kid you not.

So, the award sort of languished before floating away into obscurity, I couldn't work out how to add it to my side-bar.

I really  appreciate Lakota's support, right from the start I have been encouraged by her. During times I wonder why on earth I'm blogging, Lakota has always offered positive feedback -  despite her having to maintain her own fantastic blog and huge following.

I was then astounded to receive more awards, recently from Max at Blackbird Has Spoken, and if you scroll to the comments I left on her post, I sort of awkwardly accepted the awards, whining about not having much confidence.
Max hadn't been following me for long, and I was really surprised to be included in her award-share.  It's times like that you just know that blogging is worthwhile.

 Max's facts were fascinating, and it's amazing how such a small collection of information about a person can tell you  so much about them.

Right, this is getting nowhere... I am OVER THE MOON to be recognised by these awards, thanks to everyone who feels my blog is worthy of sharing with their followers.

I love to charity shop, do a small amount of re-purposing etc but never seem to blog about it. I think if I had the time I would keep a separate blog to share my finds/craft attempts, because many of my favourite blogs centre around these things.

More facts, and my blog recommendations:

I saved my entire years salary in order to afford  a deposit on my home. My parents kindly let me and my son (then 2) live with them and took no money for 18 months, I only spent the child benefit.  This was during the 'boom' so house prices were going up every week. I'm so glad I did it though.

I am allergic to horses. If someone comes near me who has horse hair on them, I will soon become a wheezing, bloated-faced, sneezing wreck and my eyes seem to disappear 

I always wanted to be an actress. I wish drama had been an option at GCSE (it is now, the school opened a state-of-the art drama department AFTER I left)
I went to a drama group for a brief time and loved being on stage

I take ages to learn new skills, I had over 120 driving lessons (but passed 2nd test without fault).
 I couldn't tell the time or tie my laces 'til ages after my friends, even after my brother who is 2 years younger. I have difficulty working out what's left and right, get lost regularly  (even places I've been to loads of times)  strangely though, I seem to have a gift for learning languages (good sound memory I guess).

This blog was initially going to be an avenue to further explore my love of electronic music but I couldn't be bothered with adding all the little gadgets for soundclips etc.
 Music without words or 'natural' instruments stirs my soul more than any other. Does this mean I'm an android?

I've been a Viz subscriber for years and years, and reader for as long as I can remember

I have a fear of Mathematics (don't laugh) and considered quitting my job when I learned I'd have to get a maths qualification to keep it (had a baby instead)

I don't mind Marmite (don't LOVE or HATE) I hate mushrooms and prawns but will eat most anything else

I love black humour, if a joke is inappropriate, 'sick' or in poor taste, it'll either be coming out of my mouth or I'll be sniggering away as everyone else looks on, horrified
"Yet despite her fragile mental state, we did still manage to enjoy a few lighter moments of black humour"
Not me they are referring to, but what a classic line eh? Love it.

Right, so many blogs I follow already have been given these awards...

Firstly I wish Kat at Katryoshka Ramblings more followers (and join this month's giveaway why don't you?). I enjoy her take on life living communally at a beautiful farm house, her varied artistic talents which know no end, and her CARAVANS! I did pass on the Liebster to her back in March.

Secondly Cliodhna at DannSIndWIrHelden because she writes so well, and we share a lot of quirks, such as enjoying the occasional cup of Earl Grey tea with milk.

Thirdly Little Nell at Hanging On My Word such a multi-talented lady, her blog is brilliantly written and her photographs always tell a thousand stories, she sews beautifully, and her support of my blog  is incredibly inspiring 

Finally, Sian at Sian Lile Makes - her blog usually makes me feel hungry if it's a snap of her lunch, inspired if it's her art/sewing on show and ALWAYS calm. If you need a book recommendation, it may be worth asking her too, I think she's a bit of a bookworm, to say the least?

Right, I hope I have made it clear that I am really proud of the awards, I'm still amazed that anyone reads what often feels like dis-jointed brainstorms.

I hope these awards are accepted by the ladies mentioned above....

Lakota, Max and Keshling, it hopefully goes without saying that I whole-heartedly endorse your excellent blogs, and I am delighted to have found you all....

To ALL followers, I thank you for reading, for commenting and for being so very patient (I do go on). Every time I get a comment it makes me excited, like opening a letter.

I shall NOT be thanking God, my stylist, my entourage or anyone else for that matter.


  1. Have a great time away well done on getting your own home the way you did Great parents too!!Made me laugh reading about you and your shoelaces and right and left I was the same and even bike riding I was 10 b4 I did a 2 wheeler my kids and grandkids put me to shame lol I dont want to do drama but wish I had got into costuming.My daughter has your horse allergy too.and I am never been or ever will be a numbers girl maths ewwww.I wonder if youd like vegimite? lol
    Anyway congrats on award was a great read. xxx

  2. i love reading your blog! thanks for the lovely things you said about my blog...! i AM a

  3. Love your blog - well deserved awards!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Aah, bless you. All your awards are well deserved. I used to think it was a shame I didn't know you growing up in Wales, but unfortunately I'd have turned you into the elephant woman - I was pretty much always covered in horse hair, given that I spent most of my time riding, grooming or mucking out!


  5. PS. To add the awards to your sidebar. Save the images to your desktop (right click, save image)

    Select 'Design' tab in your blog dashboard. Click 'Add a gadget'. Scroll down and click 'Picture'. Select 'choose file from your computer' and add the saved picture. You could add a title or link back to this post if you wanted.

  6. Well, I’m overwhelmed Lucy. I’ve seen people say they don’t want to accept awards, which is fine but as I come from the world of education I liken it to getting a special sticker. It’s very motivating. I was trying to explain to someone this morning, that I love writing and would rabbit on whether anyone was reading it or not, but the comments are so nice, like a pat on the back. So, you know that beamy smile from the small child who’s just received one of those stickers - that’s what I’m wearing right now! The reason I follow your blog is because you write so well about your observations on life - as good as any column in the daily papers - and you’re free too :) Keep up the good work. Now what do I have to do with these awards, don’t they come with a task you have to complete?

  7. nothing to do with the above ... i'm just a bit slow getting back to the question of birds changing colour when they fly over the pool ... you reminded me of being very small and having a buttercup held beneath my chin by the big girls so that they could see from the reflected colour whether or not i liked butter ... don't let me keep you from the housework now

  8. Your blog awards are very much deserved, congrats! Your posts always have me gripped and I always look forward to what you will blog about next. Hope you've had a fabulous weekend Scarlett x

  9. I'm always happy when I see you've posted something new in my sidebar. I love the way you write and your amazing powers of observation.
    I'm delighted that you're as scared of maths as I am. x

  10. Congratulations on your awards lovely, they're very well deserved!! Have a fabulous time away!!

    Jem xXx

  11. I'm glad you've been given awards. :)

    And I drink my Earl Grey with milk too - am a bit bemused about this actually. Is there another way to drink it? I started drinking Early Grey during my first pregnancy, in Argentina, and had to have it with the Argentinian equivalent of rich tea biscuits. Could demolish a packet in one sitting.

    I wish I went to drama school too - I'd have loved being an actress.

    Have a fab break.

  12. I finally got around to passing on the award - thank you again, I was well touched!

  13. So I'm not the only one that thinks your blog is the bees knees, I knew it! I'm in awe of your saving-up ability-that is AMAZING, such restraint, wow Luce, really, really brilliant. I'd love to act too...they say it's never too late don't they...


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