Monday, 14 March 2011

Liebster Blog

The style savvy Lakota aka Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping (charity shopper extrordinaire) passed this award on to me.  It took me a while to work out what it was all about, and how it works, but I think I get it now.
It's awarded to bloggers with a relatively small following (300 or less) but to me, anyone with 20+ followers is doing very well!
To accept the award is to share it with some bloggers you follow who you feel are worthy of recognition. I'm loathe to share it with some of my favourite reads, because I just know it wouldn't be their thing, so I will stick to the rules (pass on to 3-5 people) but will mention 2 without embarrassing them with the award, and pass it on to 3 (still technically following the guidelines).

Firstly TALLULAH ELLE who I owe a debt of gratitude for helping me get started with blogging, offering excellent advice, and making the job of keeping up with the fashion barometer very easy. Writing comes naturally to her, and there's a good chance we'll be seeing her rise through the ranks

Secondly,  DannSindWirHelden this blog is quirky, funny, written to an impeccable standard of English, which puts me to shame as it's my FIRST language and it's a generally positive, feel-good blog

Thirdly Katryoshka ramblings I found this by accident and I find myself envying their lifestyle. Just read the profile and check out their Etsy, unique, inspiring, talented, crazy and likeable.

Now, two blogs worthy of a mention, but I reckon the authors would be mortified at getting an award

1) Grey Area I'm completely hooked on this sort of online diary. 

2) The Age of Uncertainty This blog is simply a 'must follow'. If you don't already, you won't regret starting. A book seller  who often comes across old photographs destined for the bin, he gives them life on here. Poignant, fascinating, moving and interesting, every picture certainly does tell a story.

Thanks again to Lakota for thinking of me, and introducing me to some excellent new follows. I am very nervous about how my posts come across to others, sometimes holding back for fear the Nonsense Police will come and get me. Hopefully some more feedback will be made now my followers have doubled in number. Constructive criticism always welcome.

Thanks for reading....

Lucy x  


  1. Hmm, see I didn't know if this would be your kind of thing either, but you just have to hope that people accept these 'awards' in the spirit that they're meant. It's a compliment from someone who enjoys reading what you write (if you just want to rant into the void then why make public at all?) and a way to introduce new readers and dialogue between those with similar interests. Or perhaps totally different lives but a similar degree of nosiness! Anyhow, will check out your picks - which is pretty much the point. Enjoy!

  2. How sweet of you to award Katryoshka's ramblings an award. Emma and I are truly touched and grateful to have someone as smart and switched on as yourself as a follower, Kat xx

  3. You're very welcome! I really enjoy your blog and it's great to see so much creativity going on, something I missed when I worked the old 9-5 shift. Lucy x

  4. Luce, I'm so touched by this! Your blog is so funny & so honest, I love that you're getting into all these new things now that you're at home with the kids and have a different lifestyle!

    I should point out though, English is my first language too... :P I can claim no credit there.

  5. Oh dear, where did I pluck that little pearl of wisdom from? Assumptions can get you into so much trouble...I think I feel a blog coming on! Lucy x


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