Saturday, 26 March 2011

Aren't People Lovely?

They are, I mean it, people are so lovely.  I have 'met'  many new people recently through blogging, joining Twitter and conversing with strangers. There was the guy at the new ice-cream shop in town who let me have an ice-cream despite being 30p short. The hairdresser who tried desperately to reason with my 2 year old in order to trim his fringe, he screamed, lashed out and turned purple with rage. I didn't have to pay and she still said "aw love him, keep bringing him in every week for a lolly and he'll get to know me". Comments on my blog have been heart warming, inspiring and funny. Twitter banter leaves me laughing, intrigued enlightened.
 You could argue that people are often on their best behaviour when they don't really know you. There's an element of restraint, formality or maybe it's a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" scenario. Hopefully, this won't set me up for a meeting with the biggest arsehole on the planet, but I haven't met a total prick for a long time.
So, where do all these pricks, arseholes, bitches, and *insert rude word* come from? Sure, if I went into town right now, and walked into any pub at the top end, I'd struggle NOT to find a jerk. Outside the corner shop between the hours of 6pm and 9pm can be found a gaggle of  youths who represent all that is wrong with parenting, schooling and morality. A stroll through the High Street this afternoon wasn't without it's ear-pricking, eyebrow raising moments.
Even those shop door dwelling teens are perfectly reasonable if you speak to them nicely. Why do we expect 'respect' from teenagers yet speak to them in such a hateful way?
I wonder if my posts come over as looking down on society and mocking people, as if I'm better. The truth is that occasionally I do feel this way, but mainly I just love observing and commenting on human behaviour.  I don't for a minute think that my life is enviable, my behaviour is a model for people to follow or that what I say is always accurate.
I conclude, people generally are alright. We are not all the same, I hope. The big huge glaringly obvious 'rights' and 'wrongs' can be seen by most. It's the people who don't realise they are slightly too close to the edge of these boundaries I love.

 I secretly long to be like them


  1. I'm with you, in the main I've found that people are good hearted but as with most things the few (who really are horrendous) tend to taint the many!

    Jem xXx

  2. Yup people I meet out and about and in blog land are lovely. But i have found through previously working in a call centre that put some people behind a phone and they turn nasty! I swear some of the rants Ive heard but I could put money on the fact they wouldnt speak like that face to face. I'm with you on observing people - i love it! Scarlett x

  3. I'm feeling full of rage at the people a street away who had a window shakingly loud party last night until 4am, waking my youngest and keeping us up for hours. Thumping bass, MCing through a mic, the lot. I dread to think what it sounded like if you actually lived next door. I really really need a house miles from humanity, grr.[misanthropic emoticon]

    But yeah, bloggers are alright (grudging)

    Normal service to be resumed once I've slept..

  4. I'm sure I'll be back on form whining about some anti-social wanker or other soon. I suppose I wanted to justify some of my put-downs. I don't want to appear 'stuck up my own arse' so to speak.


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