Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tuesday, but on Wednesday....

I looked poor today. Faded threadbare, leggings and £1 size 18 T-shirt from the charity shop (I'm a size 12). Tuesday is 'Zumba' day, one solid hour of dancing up a sweat. Dressed like one of the mothers of a troubled teen on the Jeremy Kyle show, all I needed was grey roots and a few less teeth. Of course, EVERYONE else had either Nike or Addidas exercise clothes on, some had matching top, bottom and trainer combinations.
Sometimes I really enjoy Zumba, and feel energised after it. Today I just thought "what the hell I am doing throwing myself around to shite music?". Humans eh,we do the strangest things sometimes.
The trouble with sports clothes is that there are only two ways to wear them. One, is the acceptable "I'm about to partake in some physical activity, and as you'll notice, my physique shows the garments off a treat". The second is "I'm so unfit and out of shape, sports clothes with elasticated waistband and unisex styling allow me to blend in with the other jobless underachievers". I'm leaning towards the second category, and will possibly get into character by stopping off at Greggs for a snack, start carrying a bottle of Coke or  Lucozade (maybe Stella on giro day) and go window shopping at Cash Generator. I'm already a jobless underachiever, I may as well embrace the whole lifestyle.....


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