Sunday, 6 March 2011

Confessions on Sunday

Indeed, I must

I have been eating too much, my diet starts tomorrow

I have been moaning too much, more positivity required

I have been neglecting the chores, must join the 'fly lady' revolution

I have been letting the children watch too much TV, more books and pencils

I have been 'too tired' - must go to bed earlier

I have been drinking too much tea, more water!

I have been plucking my eyebrows all wrong, sort it out

I have been buying too many peppers, they go all floppy

I have been spending too much at the corner shop; stop it

I have been saying "I can't be bothered", cut it out

I have been using the tumble drier, ban it from March 'til October

I have been letting my hair get greasy, it looks gross

I have been dressing like a Christian - why?

I have been 'putting off 'til tomorrow what I can do today'


  1. It's all about dry hair shampoo. You can get one for brunettes now at about 3 quid in boots. Make called Batiste.

  2. Clicked on your blog by mistake, but it's fascinating.
    I've just written that list in my head! well without the lady bits. The longer I'm a stay at home parent, the less gets done. Inertia/Entropy i guess., or just a reluctance to the mind jarring boredom of housework, shopping and other associated chores.
    The oldest is having friends over for a sleepover tomorrow, so I'll have to pull my finger out if I don't want them to think we live in the pit we actually do. Ho Hum!


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