Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Anteater Strikes

I'm very grateful to Lakota for tagging me in this questions meme. Another self-pitying whine of a post would have been a bit much, I'm sure you'll agree!

1. Favourite game you played as a kid a) at home b) at school?

a) I have always loved Scrabble, and role play games/dressing up
b) My favourite game at school was the imaginary one I played solidly for 3 years every lunchtime with my friend Rhian Pugh. We lived in the wild and had a horse each, my name was Crystal

2.  Personality trait which secretly really irritates you in a close friend or partner?

I hate how I can never keep a secret from Rob. He knows everything. Arsehole

3. You get to choose one TV channel only - what do you go for?

Maybe News 24. I'm no fan of TV, but at least I'd be aware of what's going on in the world

4. Would you rather be really beautiful, or really funny? Why?

Really beautiful, you can work at being funny, but have to be born beautiful

5. What's your Native American totem animal?

What kind of question is this Lakota?! I did a bit of research, I'm definitely most like the Anteater - 'Lethargy, Curiosity, Nosiness'

6. Which fictional character do you most relate to?

Marge Simpson. May dye my hair blue and be done with it

7. Music which you couldn't be paid to listen to?

Almost all R'n'B is just dire in my mind (the Rhymes and Beats variety, not Rhythm and Blues)

8. Who would play you in the film version of your life story?

Robin Williams in a mask, probably

9. Best band you've ever seen live?

Well, it pains me to admit this - but it was Clannad! My friend Yvette and I went through a bit of a 'let's be sophisticated' phase in our mid teens.  We'd go out for fancy meals and pretend to be intelligent. I wasn't expecting to enjoy Clannad as much as I did.
The instrumental arrangement was incredible, flautists, harpists, all manner of medieval bell-type  things, I loved it. Smashing Pumpkins were the most disappointing.

10. Most annoying thing about blogging or bloggers?

You've all got better clothes than me

11. What is or would be your Superhero talent?

BELCHING so loudly the earth moves is my talent

My turn to ask 11 questions:

1) If there was such a thing as reincarnation, what would you come back as?

2) What is your favourite sandwich filling?

3) What's the most pain you've ever felt?

4) What advice would you give your teenage self?

5)  How many friends have you got?

6) What is the last lie you told?

7) What is the worst film you ever watched (so I know to avoid)

8) Do you think George Clooney is overrated?

9) What trait do you most deplore in yourself?

10) Do you get the giggles? If so, what type of thing induces them?

11) What in your life has been the biggest waste of money?

I tag Keshling  Krista Looking for Blue Sky and Sarah - please answer my questions if you have the time and inclination. Please don't feel obliged to though, I won't cry if you don't (honest).

I'd love to hear anyone's answers - I really am an Anteater you know....


  1. Ah Lucy I could barely get through that video ;p I love that belching loudly is your talent and you see yourself as Marge and that Robin Williams would play you! If that doesn't just scream you have a crazy sense of humor. I just might even answer yours :)

  2. Brilliant post and I am now visualizing you as a blur haired anteater! I love these Q & A posts! xx

  3. I can testify that numbers 2 and 11 are pretty accurate!

  4. I am SO pleased you're an anteater. It's important to know these things. And you're so much quicker at me than answering tags. I used to play a similar playground game with Felicity, it then got knocked out of us through pony camp!


  5. Oh how I hate a nosey partner that has to know everything like a woman.
    I love that Robin Williams would play you.(there is somethings we girls should be allowed to keep to ourselves)
    I always wanted blue hair like Marges, you have Marge's raspy voice too?

  6. hmmm does rob have a blog or is he just following?

  7. Scrabble IS the best game of all, hands down!

    I think you'd rock blue hair a la Marge :-)

    Jem xXx

  8. About my dream ..yes i believe it was my animus as Jung explains our mana is strong architype wise man or woman. Something big is in the works.transformation.
    You should listen to your spiritual side amor.
    I ignored mine for awhile but it kept coming back showing me signs, dreams and spirits.

  9. Sian - Rob did have a blog, but didn't get around to posting more than twice, so deleted it.

  10. Ooh, thank you for tagging me, Lucy. I love your answers to those fascinating questions and I will definitely be responding to yours.

    I had never heard of the totem animals, that's a new one on me. Still, if you ever need an avatar, you'll know what to choose. :)

  11. Hello Lucy:
    What a fascinating tour into the inner workings of your life. How we shall ever now read your blog without thinking 'Anteater' we do not know!!!

    Some of your answers, at a stretch, we might have conjured up, but Clannad was a complete surprise. We could, however, picture the scene of your attempting an intelligent curiosity about all things with your friend Yvette....a situation we have yet to grow out of!!!!

  12. ha! i just liked his comments, and also liked the idea of you writing your blog and then rob doing his take on it.... ah well, i can but dream.xxx

  13. I’ve seen Clannad live too and they were superb.18th May 1989. And how do I know this? Because I still have the souvenir programme. It was at the Arts Centre, Poole in Dorset, and I remember we took the kids, who were aged 12 and 10 along as well. I’ve got several CDs of theirs, though I don’t play them often now. I first heard them do the hauntingly beautiful theme to ‘Harry’s Game’ but then it was their soundtrack to ‘Robin of Sherwood’ which was so ahead of its time with all the ambient effects, that hame hooked.

  14. I love you even more after reading your answers! If I find another turquoise wig then it's yours! xxx

  15. Oh you marvellous Scrabble-playing blue-haired belching anteater!
    Why can everyone do these tag thingies so brilliantly? I can never think of any interesting answers, or questions. How unimaginative. Thankfully you, and many others, make up for my crapness! xxxxx

  16. I had blue hair for a while - it is my favourite colour after all - and I think you should try it too :) I love your questions, and answers are already popping into my mind so I will definitely get to it eventually x

  17. so nice to "meet" you. and for the record, you definitely have better clothes than me!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    my daughters hair now is the most unnatural shade of red that has ever existed....her brothers shrug and say she's an artist.

  18. Fun and funny post. I must say I love Clannad. The closest we got to Smashing Pumpkins was stealing a battery operated call button for a restaurant with their advertisement on it. It is part of our permanent collection.

    I do like George Clooney as a serious actor, but there is something up there with him.

  19. Lucy. Hi. I lost your blog - I thought you'd disappeared but here you are . And i feel like such an idiot. I lost a bunch of blogs off Google Reader and only woke up to it today. Sorry sorry. Man I am a dufus.

    I have to catch up with your posts.

    Anyway I'm so glad I found you again.

  20. Fellow Scrabble head here - blooming love it! I really should get round to doing my tag post. Scarlett x


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