Sunday, 4 March 2012

Caribbean Dream

A new battery has been ordered for the digital camera (another thing that was broken). Once that is sorted, you (un)lucky followers will get to see my collection of clothes from all over the place.
Liam has been horrified by my outfit choices lately, hiding from friends when accompanying me to town. "Mum, why don't you get a job, then you can buy clothes from River Island and New Look instead of charity shops?". He just don't get it..

Daily posts proved too much to achieve. Last week was very difficult, maybe I'll tell you all about it one day. For someone who lives a very quiet, perhaps boring life, I had enough drama in 3 days to keep me going for a few years.
A litre of Jack Daniels, curry and chips, Just Dance on the Wii Fit and watching clips of early 90's dance videos (and trying, unsuccessfully to shuffle) with my friend Helen on Friday night helped to calm me down (the chips came after the dancing, thankfully).

I wandered into town last Thursday with Liam (12) and my baby niece (who I will be looking after for 3 days per week starting this week). It was warm, bright and lively.
Liam stayed off school following the tragedy and I saw a different side of him, got to know what goes on in his head. It's easy for me to get caught up with the little ones and I don't spend much time just with Liam, he needs more attention, definitely.

We laughed at a lady who was clearly three sheets to the wind, swaying around B&M Bargains. Trying to act sober by pretending she'd forgotten her glasses, this lady loudly asked for help to locate various salty snacks and spirits. As I walked past her, I caught a whiff of body odour akin to liver and onion gravy. She accidentally smashed a bottle of  Caribbean Dream (whatever that is)  and insisted it flew off the shelf. I felt sorry for her, she seemed troubled, like someone who needed support.

Later on, as we headed home I saw the drunk lady again. I pointed her out to Liam, she was trying to text and walk, not easy when sober. An elderly lady fell over, dropped like 'a sack of shit' as my father would say (not me, I'm too prim and proper). The drunk lady rushed over, picked her up from behind, I could hardly bear to watch - imagined a human pile up scenario unfolding. Next, she deposited her on a chair outside a cafe and comforted her before insisting upon getting her a cup of tea. Bless her, the concern was completely genuine.

I'd been feeling quite absorbed with my own drama, watching this scene somehow helped me. Reminded me what I love, which is the world.

I hope my coldsore buggers off ready for my photo shoot, it's a real eyesore.


  1. I still want to see the photos, surely Liam can't be right?

  2. I've had a difficult week too and I can't write about it either, as it would violate someone else'e privacy. It's hard bottling things up.

    I'm sorry to read (between the lines) about your start to the year and I'm really pleased to see that you're blogging more regularly again. Spring's nearly here and better days, I'm sure, are ahead.

  3. Things will take a turn for the happier soon, Lucy, I have my fingers firmly crossed for that! I'm sorry you've had a rough time of it lately - it's not easy to motivate yourself to do much when you're feeling worn down so I think you're doing brilliantly to blog at all let alone daily!

    Jem xXx

  4. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  5. I also hope things start to look up, you've obviously not had the easiest beginning to 2012. Spring is nearly here though, that's proper new beginnings, not this January nonsense. Liam is lucky to have a mum like you for support, I need to remember to make special time for my eldest too - although he's only 7 on Wednesday he is quite mature and self sufficient compared to the little one and I don't want him to lose out. I thought you might get a little more time to yourself this year, but I guess not with baby niece - lovely though, I dote on mine but hardly see her, and I have a new nephew too. Bit broody but I don't think it will happen.

    Don't worry, we don't need to see photos to be interested in visiting.

  6. My youngest loves it when his big bro is not around and he's got me all to himself. Sometimes I take him out to lunch and he's in seventh heaven.

    I hope your problems will sort themselves out soon. It sounds like you're going to be pretty busy looking after your little niece.

  7. I enjoy reading your blog with or without photos.
    You write so well dear Lucy, you don't need photos, although I'm sure they'll be nice.
    Hang-in-there x

  8. I'm with Lakota, Spring is on the way (yesterday's snow aside) and that's a positive step towards lighter evenings, milder weather and happier times. You have been through it lately, having fun with friends and spending quality time with Liam are the best medicine.
    I love your powers of observation and colourful writing, I don't need photos to see your town and the local character but a few snaps of your finds would be ace, if only to confirm to you that you don't need to dress like everyone else in the UK to look beautiful. x

  9. Just goes to show you cannot judge a book by the cover! Drunk or not she was great in her actions that clearly extended beyond just helping the old lady up!

    I have been thinking about your lad and hope he is coping with his grief, it must be very hard for you to see his pain!

    Enjoy your niece, what a treat to have her for three days although it may not feel like that when you are frazzled at the end of it! I am a bit rubbish with babys!

  10. Booze, chips and curry sauce, and a dance - sounds like just what you needed, Lucy. If I was nearer, I'd have gatecrashed and joined in!
    I think it's always hard to have one-to-one time with your kids, if you've got more than one! I'm a mum of 3 like you, and I think it's also my eldest who gets less time alone with me. I'm sure Liam really appreciated your time and attention - even if he doesn't appreciate your style! You already know that my kids don't get my clothes either, like I give a shit, haha!
    So I'm intrigued as to how one gets body odour that smells of liver and onion gravy (unless that's all she eats) but I sort of like the sound of your 3-sheet-to-the-wind lady, she obviously has a kind heart.
    Like you, Lovely Lucy. Just blog when you can, love - we'll be here. xxxxxx

  11. Amor ,
    so glad you got out to dance your self silly and drink some booze.
    We dont need photos ,but maybe keep mind off things to be to babysit your niece.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  12. I dig the images you just paint so easily with your words, I just get it! I love hearing about good times with girl friends and hanging with Liam both so different and so wonderfully needed in their own ways. Baby niece, I'm jellie, I wanna hold her!!! I can't wait to see you rocking some cute outfits owning your own style like only Lucy can!

  13. Thanks darlin' for your advice...that doesn't mean I will take it tho'!
    Would you believe that sitting at a computer for four hours would bring on intense pain? No, nor would have I before yesterday! I am now reclining, and typing.
    Stiff upper lip, and all that. Try to think positively, be a Pollyanna. I know it is a bit naff, but I have found (in the last year, in fact my whole life) it has helped. And learn to, like Audrey (in the Nun's story) develop acceptance. This also sounds a bit crusty, but it is amazing the calm that comes with acceptance. (and I am not religous, tho' I have been watching alot of Touched by an Angel is giving me life lessons! Ha ha)

  14. I've been back three times... I keep rereading and I don't know what to say that won't sound trite or preachy or (worst of all) be a platitude. I'm sorry things have been shit for you. I hope things get better, and quickly. I think you are wonderful. I don't need pics - you write so beautifully and with some clear, unblemished honesty. I come here for that, not for pics. Unless the pics are of your boobs, in which case I am SO here for the pics.

    Sarah xxx


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