Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tah - Dah!

I've been itching to link up with Lakota's  Tah-Dah Tuesday, but, what to 'Tah-Dah'?

I don't make many things these days, maybe the odd card, but nothing as impressive as a pair of shorts fashioned from a curtain, a la Vix

It has to be charity shop buys, and not even modelled by me, just quick snapshots taken late last night, I was too hot and bothered to put underwear on and stand there posing in my finds.

I had been looking forward to a 'day off' last Friday, no niece to look after, and no skip to fill. Charity shopping and maybe a cuppa in the sunshine sat opposite the meat van man (he spends the day shouting crass double entendres, and running down his ex-wife into an echoing mouthpiece).

I did very well with the charity shopping, 2 pairs of shorts, a dress, a vest top, 2 t-shirts, an encounter with a paranoid and charmless customer who insulted the staff in the most abhorrent way imaginable.

I also had another haircut. After years of no haircut - two within 6 weeks.

I told the hairdresser  "do whatever you like"

She made me look like a cross between this:

 and this:

But by last night it had flopped, limp and lifeless, to this:


Tah - Dah!

Clarks sandals - £3 

Dorothy Perkins 90's dress - £2 

St Michaels vest - £1.50

Cheap razors - don't bother

Manual labour - don't bother

I also made a card, inspired by Mexican Goddess  Todo Dorado:

What else could I make with buttons, broken bracelets, a  tangerine net and  collage?

I got home, ready for a cuppa, and eager to try on my finds. The school rang, as soon as I got home

"We think Ricky has hand foot and mouth,, please pick him up"

He did have it. I had it a few years back, it's a horrible virus, painful blisters in your mouth and on your feet/hands (fancy that). 

At least I had a morning off. I'm all ready for summer, just in time for the sun to vanish.


  1. Haircuts, eh? What a rip!
    I really like the skull thing you made.

    1. I'm done with haircuts now. Especially after being told I'm old before my time (it's true though!).
      I am a magpie for bits and pieces, I have boxes of 'stuff' now and then, I have to make something to justify it!

  2. Best laid plans eh.... hope Ricky's starting to feel better soon (my eldest had it when he was a toddler - weirdest virus)

    Love your skull card - do you sell them? If not, why not?;)

    And your hair is not a power-ballad monstrosity, it looks lovely - oh, I hate that walk home after the hairdressers have done product overkill; always have to run off and sort it out/put a hat on;) xx

    1. I'm glad you have heard of the virus, I'm sure some people think it's the anial version!

      I don't sell anything - why? Too lazy, and nothing I make looks professional enough.

      I don't think a haircut feels right until you've washed it yourself - those stylists love to make you look like a Dallas reject.

  3. Oh no Poor Ricky, that sounds unpleasant. Hope he's better soon and doesn't give it to his brothers (can you catch it again? We've not experienced this joy yet)

    Great charity shopping skills though - I have found nothing clothes wise aside from a vest with giraffes on a couple of weeks ago. I'm obviously not trying hard enough. And I LOVE the day of the dead style collage card - you're so good at mixed media stuff (does it sound like I know what I'm talking about?!)

    I have woken up both yesterday and today with hair resembling that of 80s metal band Ratt.

    Thanks for linking up xxx

    1. Don't think you can catch it again, and I sure hope the others don't get it. Ricky is bored today, therefore better - school tomorrow!

      I have a few dresses which are a 12 (too small for me now) I'll email you some photos, and you can take your pick.

  4. God, I hate having my hair cut. That's why I only have it done twice a year! Cool skull. Ingenius use of tangerine netting may I say. xx

  5. Too bad for your son,my daughters had it last summer and was quite annoying, especially to eat or to walk is painful, but it lasted only few days...I love the skull collage and all your lucky finds, the dress and the top are so beautiful!
    I'm glad to read that Ricky feels better now!

  6. Hello Lucy:
    What can we say? Except that, despite a series of woes, to include a lunatic charity shopper [what's new there?], a foul mouthed butcher, and a rather distressing case of hand 'foot and mouth' [for which we totally sympathise], you manage to entertain your readers with your usual descriptive flair laced with a strong dollop of wit and humour. A wonderful post. Sorry!!

  7. Brilliant post!

    Love the sound of your meat van man.

    Ouchy to the razor cuts :0(

    Hope wee man is better soon x

  8. my son had that hand foot and mouth thing when he was 4 or so. He was miserable. Bless your son's heart, i hope he heals up soon. the weatherman has been promising sun today for a weekand what do we have? horrible grey skies. I enjoyed your 1990's finds, I have a bit of a soft spot for that sort of thing myself.

  9. Oh poor Ricky, my kids haven't ever had HF&M but I know others who have, don't think it was a long-lasting thing.
    Good finds, great skull collage, yuk to nasty customer, and a great big NO to razor cuts and manual labouring injuries!
    I'm disappointed to say your hair looks NOTHING like Jennifer Rush, you just look beautiful as always, and not remotely 80s big-haired power ballad singer. Come on, Luce, get with the back-combing and the hair spray!! xxxxxxx

  10. First off your hair looks brilliant and nothing like a 80s power ballad throwback and secondly, if you'd seen my lame attempt at dressmaking today you'd take back what you said about my skills, honest!!
    Loving that card, it's one of the best hand made cards I've seen, you could make money with those.
    Those Clarks' sandals and tropical print charity shop finds are fantastic finds.
    Hope Ricky gets better soon as does your maimed leg and blister! xxx

  11. Amor,
    You dont look like them 80's bitches!
    Love your fluffy lips and hateful eyes.
    Poor Ricky boy, I never heard of that nasty virus,althoughI have been known to suffer from putting my foot in my mouth on several occasions.
    DOD card is so pretty. You really should get your ass in gear and sale them. People go crazy for DOD anything. I'm so happy to have inspired you.
    Tangerine net, my only thought is to use it as a hat veil.
    Your more talented than you know!
    Hope your getting a well deserve rest from all that slavery.
    " Todo Dorado made me literlaly laugh out loud.
    Lovely finds,those sandals remind me that i need to buy new Mexi-sandals for the summer. Can model that dress for us please.
    We need to see more of your prosti self.

  12. Oh yes, Hand, Foot and Mouth, can be unpleasant. It was on the list of ‘Infectious Diseases’ on the school office wall, along with Chickenpox and ‘Slapped Cheek Syndrome’! It doesn’t require exclusion from school though; if he’s feeling well enough (and it sounds like he is) send him back! Nice buys on the charity run though.

  13. You frigging rock,and you've put such a smile on my dial!! I'm astounded at your bravery at the hairdressers,and the 80's are all fashionable right now,so get on out there babes,pump up that volume!!! well,when it cools down a bit and can hold it!!!
    I ouch and giggle and ugh and admire and gasp with/at you!!!XXXXXXXXXXX

  14. Your Tah-Dah-DAM Mexican Goddess card is funky like any good Mexican thing should be. I do hope Ricky feels better, that is just awful, poor thing. Here I was expecting BIG ASS HAIR, your new cut is pretty and you can tell your hair is healthy and shiny! Your looks says, "Yeah right I'll be able to do this on my own tomorrow" Your lips are so pouty and sexy, I'll trade you my waist for your lips ;p The Dorthy Perkins dress has all my favorite colors rolled into a bunch of flowers with a criss cross back, LOVE IT! You will rock it and get plenty of side eye doing it.

  15. Manual labour - don't bother!

    I'm putting THAT on a tshirt!

    I'm with Helga - go for some BIIIG hair to go with your fab bright floral frock - and obis, we need pics.

    No more manual labour. I forbid it!

    Sarah xxx

  16. Hurrah! We see more you! I love your finds, that dress is really lovely. I really regret buying cheap razors. We all seem to be agreeing there should be more photos of your lovely self with big hair and that fab dress! do it!

    And your card is excellente!

  17. These days I never bother with getting the hairdresser to style my hair..it always drops out because I have thick, heavy hair and the damp sea air doesn't help. So for just £14 she washes and cuts it, dries my fringe and dries out some of the excess water and that's it. I prefer the way I dry my hair anyway.

    You look a bit like Jennifer Rush in that photo - a good thing.

    Great card by the way - don't knock it.

    Oh and I love those sandals. I'd like summer sandals - I always wear Birkies and flip flops in summer and sometimes I just want something a little prettier. But charity shop footwear here tends to be of the old lady, orthopaedic variety.

  18. That card is brilliant! Love a good skull design. Hairdressers hey - i have a lady who comes to my house to do my roots and cut and she is the only one who can cut it right - and she doesnt charge the earth - love it. Scarlett x

  19. The worst thing of all is to get yourself geared up for a lovely, kid-less day alone and it not pan out. That sucks. Big time.

    K xx

  20. poor ricky! hope he is feeling ok by now.love the skull. hope you have a good weekend and some relaxing times.x

  21. Love the skull card luce! Im with wendz and refuse to be blow dried, although of course if you walk out with a sucky hairdo you dont have the reassurance of thinking it'l look better when washed! Get well soon to the wee fella X

  22. Hi missus! Great card, you have a flair for it! the Dotty P dress is fab find xxx

  23. Also, yes, get well soon wishes to Ricky, what a terrible malady to get coming into the summer! :(


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