Monday, 25 June 2012

Celebrating mediocrity

I see so many inspiring photographs on blogs. Beautifully captured moments which tell a story. Artistic skill and attention to detail, sound knowledge of software, photography techniques and creative display methods.

You can tell a lot about someone's life by the photographs they share.

The boys were home from school on Friday. They watched The Incredibles.

Something Mr Incredible said caught my attention:

"They keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity"

I think that's my life summed up!

Here's the photographic evidence...

Iron bridge (no sore lips for me)

Being of Sound Mind

Spilt dog biscuits looked like camouflage once wet

At my friend's flat, she looks nonplussed 

Love the font

Once is unfortunate, twice...

I'd love to know what they overhear

Hope to share something more interesting next time.

What does your photography say about you?


  1. hi lucy.... couldn't help seeing what happened on your comments yesterday - hope all's ok and that you're safe... xx

  2. oooh well, I think it says I'm obsessive, I take photos of things all the time, all sorts of things too. Pretty flowers and horrible graffiti, I love it all. I like your photos, please do more! They fit in with your writing about the everyday. Where is the "being of sound mind" illustration from? xxx


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