Monday, 21 February 2011


I look at my profile sometimes and I feel embarrassed. There are spelling mistakes, ridiculous, pointless statements which I shall delete, and most of it will be deleted at some point. Imagine a bloke had 'kids' listed as one of his interests, now that WOULD be interesting... I dislike the word 'kids' and try not to use it when speaking, though I don't know why it offends me. 
 Parents, irritating at best when it comes to their children, even your own family members' show-boating can drive you nuts when it concerns their offspring. I'm not about to suggest that my sons are anything special, they're just the best source of examples now that I no longer work with children.
My sons are 11, 3 and 2 years old, so though there's an obviously big gap between thing one and thing two, they're all still very dependant on me. 

I love this book

Being half-term, the eldest is still in bed, sleeping off the Powerade binge he had in order to stay up late X-boxing with the rest of his 'clan' (I think that's what his fellow soldiers call themselves). It's disgusting, irresponsible, lazy and shocking that a) I allow him to drink Powerade occasionally, and b) I let him play on his x-box 'til late.
The little ones have been up hours, and the rain looks set to dominate the whole of half-term, so what to do ? Looking at books, TV, painting/scribbling, fighting, breaking things, telling tales, crying, that's what. 

They are SO easily pleased, it never ceases to amaze me. When I suggest painting, (which is at best 5 minutes of fun followed by 30 minutes of wet-wiping and filling the recycling bag with soggy brown paper) they jump around the room shouting 'yay, paints'!  I'm not sure if this is a natural response, or a learned appropriate response which I've encouraged in order to add a sense of excitement (probably the latter). The painting is just as I imagined, and it was hardly worth bothering.
The highlight of the day for them so far, has been something which takes 'easily pleased' to a new level - 'Babybel cheese wax wrapper modelling'. We made a boat, complete with sail, an umbrella, some lips, and a football. They were really impressed, animated, concentrated well and  it worked far better than painting.

Please, do cry

Easily pleased and easily upset go hand in hand, and tears have flowed without inhibition at the slightest thing. That's where my similarities to a child are keenest, I too am very easily pleased and have no grand expectations.  I am also easily upset, though most wouldn't know when I'm upset. I don't cry, I can't remember the last time I cried (which is not right) but I do get down very quickly and suddenly.  I reckon little changes emotionally between childhood and adulthood, all that happens is better concealing. That's why one of my interests is 'kids'.  I probably hanker after the time I could get away with being so excited about going to Butlin's I kept thrashing myself wildly around the room for the week leading up. Then I remember the time I was so upset about being picked on, I sobbed all day making the most disturbing animal-like noises. I'll never get away with that behaviour again.....

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