Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Electric Dreams

I dreamt last night that I tried to commit suicide by sticking my head in the oven. Electric fan ovens, I'd imagine, are not a popular suicide aid. It was one of those dreams where you 'wake up' but are still dreaming. When I eventually woke up properly, it struck me that other elements of the dream were more disturbing than the suicide attempt.
It must have been a rubbish sleep, I'm all grumpy and feel 'I want to be alone'.
I have been eating foods I usually avoid lately, I blame this for my mood. Today needs to be a productive day, or I'll end up in a right state. Thing is, I've got no chance of getting anything constructive done, so I may have to stick my head in the oven after all.


  1. Not really funny I know, but that made me giggle a little - some years ago I was telling my sister about Sylvia Plath and how she killed herself. "She stuck her head in the oven", I say. My sister is horrified - "She COOKED herself?!"

  2. Very funny, I love that kind of naivety! My mum's friend once had a visit from a distraught neighbour, he didn't know whether to get the bus to A&E or ring an ambulance. "I've taken 2 packets of paracetamol...and one pack of laxatives 'cos I changed my mind". I think the laxatives won because he lived to tell the tale. Suicide making us laugh eh? Terrible.


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