Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Minor Incidents

My eldest wanted to go to the cinema with his new friend, who's a couple of years older and I've yet to 'suss out'. I moaned and moaned, even though I said he could go, and I'd take them. "It's Orange Wednesday, half term, there'll be nowhere to park, I'll have to take the little ones out of the car to come and buy your ticket, there'll be a huge queue, then they'll see Mc Donald's and want one, I'll have to get money out first..." 

The build up was quite a saga, the friend couldn't go until he'd got his pocket money from his grandparents who were in B&Q (OAP Wednesday I believe). I just had an uneasy feeling about the whole affair, it seemed like a lot of hassle, and something which could end up being a waste of time.

The friend's mum came over to run through the arrangements, just as my online grocery order arrived. As I emptied the crates of shopping, she carried on chatting and going over the same line 'I've told him, get your sweets from Raj, it'll be cheaper than the cinema'. Meanwhile, the kids are rifling through the shopping, 2 year old has opened the box of 15 eggs, this didn't seem to signal a cue for her to leave.

The time to leave arrives, friend still hasn't paid Raj a visit to stock up, so we stop on way. The 2 year old keeps seeing emergency service vehicles and shouting 'woo woo woo', friend keeps rabbiting on and on, not sure if he's got bad nerves, or just one of those people who narrates his thoughts constantly.

Get the cash out, try to pull on to the main road, car goes BANG very loudly, sounds like a burst tyre. Pull into a petrol station, can't see any sign of damage, but car not fit to drive. Boys walk to the cinema, in rain, just wearing hooded tops. 2 year old screams for the rest of the afternoon, can't cope with any sort of unexplained change to normal procedure. The spring on the front driver side suspension had broken free of the casing, and is sticking into the tyre. This could have been a very different story if it's happened on the dual carriageway (love those 'I could have died if a totally opposite set of circumstances were in place' stories).

Dramatic, crap, huge queue for cinema, not sure if 2 for 1 code will be accepted, rain, 3 year old needs wee, 2 year old drops teddy I washed yesterday into a puddle of oil, I need a wee. I didn't include all these possibilities in my initial moans about dropping the boys to the cinema, damn.

Nice to get home, make dinner, wash up, answer the phone loads of times, sort the washing out, and have a cup of tea. Do you know what, I felt better after all this than when I did this morning anticipating what could go wrong.  A bowl, one of my favourites, exploded in my hand as I scooped food out of it earlier too, it's been a funny day since the suicide attempt dream...

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