Saturday, 26 February 2011

You Can But Try...

Brookite Harlequin Kite
Let's go fly a SHITE

Today it's been sunny (a bit), dry (mainly) and windy (washing dried on the line-yay).  I am feeling bloated and fat because I have put on nearly a stone in recent months. All my clothes look 'wrong' and even my fat jeans have left welts on my skin.
Took the boys to the park, it was partly successful. A few tumbles into giant muddy puddles, some pointless tears and a comedy landing off the slide (about 5 foot clearance achieved - wet slide + nylon rain suit = zero friction).
After lunch, several failed attempts to entertain the boys. I tried getting them to play 'dressing up' with some of my awful sequined clothes (all bought for me by my mum from charity shops) I failed. Restlessness set in, so I decided to open the kite The kite was a gift from a friend to my eldest son when the middle son was born, it had never been used. I wish I'd left it in the packaging. The strings got tangled within minutes of getting it out of it's sheath. I had visions of the boys watching in wonder as the kite soared high up into the sky. It did soar high up into the sky for around 8 seconds, before coming crashing down on middle son's head (clearly, not his day). I left the tangled kite at the park for some bored youths to break further. We got some chocolate from the corner shop before going home to watch Star Wars.
The house is untidy, dirty, disorganised and generally in a bad state of repair. I joined the Parents Association at my middle son's school and go to the odd meeting at the other members' houses.  The houses so far have all been beautifully presented, immaculately clean and large. The thought of holding a meeting at my disgraceful excuse for a home fills me with terror. Having said that, I didn't wish any of the houses were mine. One was furnished. entirely from the'Next' catalogue and nothing in it looked unique or more than 5 years old. Another, though beautiful from the outside, a quintessential large Victorian semi with well manicured front and back garden, inside was disappointing. Generic furnishing and décor, cheap ornaments, kitchen and bathroom straight out of B&Q's sale. They may as well be in my house if they're just going to turn their house into a well-presented, neutral, modern 'House Doctor' approved space. Bah!
I'm sick of the sound of my own voice on here now, been doing this on and off since 12 pm, it's now 20.45. An amusing anecdote hasn't sprung to mind whilst typing, but several have come to mind during the course of the day.
I really do need to mix with some more interesting people, whoever they are. 

Have just succumbed to temptation and peeled the mis-aligned sticker off laptop, rest of evening will be spent removing sticky residue (ooh-err).


  1. I've been feeling similar, even though the sun shone, today just felt drab and crap. I've been offered a South Korea job but it's in a rubbish location : (

  2. Shame about that, but great you got offered the job. Would you be tied in to a contract if you accepted? I suppose it'd be too risky to accept the job on the premise you could find another one while you're there.
    Nobody can accuse us pair of not TRYING to do positive things can they?

  3. Yes, tied into a year. That's why I'm really not sure..

    Nope, they can't! Pity nothing ever bloody works out the way you want it to though.

  4. "even my fat jeans have left welts on my skin."

    oh god, I CONCUR. I hate the bloated jeans-no-longer-fit feeling. I've stopped trying to squeeze into them though, I just buy bigger can't feel pretty if you aren't comfortable.


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